A fast lesson about how internet speed works.

Admit it – you take it for granted. Every day, you just know it’s going to be there for you, offering you access to the greatest wealth of knowledge in the world, bringing your favorite music artists and celebrities into the comfort of your home, then instantly transporting you to explore the outer points of the universe, and beyond.

WiFi and the internet: what’s the difference?

  WiFi and the internet. You hear and see these terms used interchangeably all the time. “Hey, what’s your WiFi passcode?” means the same thing as “Can I get your internet passcode?”, doesn’t it? 


Speed, speed and more speed. Did we say speed? With Optimum high-speed Internet, suffering through buffering is a thing of the past. No buffering. No waiting. No interruptions. Just lightning quick Optimum internet that has been awarded the prestigious “YouTube HD Verified” rating for Optimum’s video streaming performance across the country.


Wrestling to find entertainment with a championship ring? Can you say pay-per-view, Optimum and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)?  With pay-per-view on Optimum, you’ll be bouncing off the ropes like Randy Orton and Seth Rollins as you watch superlative, smackdown action that can only mean professional wrestling and WWE. 

Internet speed: How much do you really need?

As you wait anxiously in the darkness, you carefully wipe the sweat from your brow and try to breathe as silently as possible. But something’s not right. Your heart-rate rises, and you suddenly come to the horrible realization that your position has been compromised.

Life moves fast. Can your internet connection keep up?

The concept of speed is simple, right? When you’re behind the wheel of your car rolling down the highway, you can glance down at the speedometer. Go for a run and your smart watch tells you how quickly you are moving with every step. Pedal your bike and you’ve got your computer on your handlebars to gauge your progress.

Netflix Shortcuts

Finding the entertainment you enjoy on Netflix can be anything but simple since they  offer millions of hours of content (actually, 100 million+ hours). The good news is that with so many options there’s bound to be something you enjoy watching. The not so good news is attempting to wade through all those choices and then narrowing it down to what interests you the most. Actually, it can feel impossible, frustrating and exhausting.

Optimize Your Streaming Experience with Optimum

Make no mistake about it. The popularity of streaming programs and shows continues to skyrocket. The stream age is upon on us and Optimum is stoking the stream with award-winning Internet service that delivers a speedy, reliable, secure experience with unlimited data. It’s perfect for every budget and digital lifestyle.

Cable: A proud history of communications.

As cannon balls and musket fire erupted all around his troops, Union General George McClellan knew he needed reinforcements – and fast. As the sun rose higher in the sky on this September day in 1862, McClellan surveyed the field and watched through binoculars as Confederate forces led by Robert E. Lee attacked his flanks on the banks of the Antietam River. McClellan, however, had an advantage that the Southern forces didn’t.

Should I Connect to 5GHz?