Guide to the Best Mobile Phone Cameras

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Capturing those special moments

There are picture-perfect moments that mobile users never want to forget, like your baby’s first birthday, your first time seeing your favorite artist in concert, or even just creating an epic TikTok video. You want to capture every moment, but your phone’s camera doesn’t always do it justice.

You don’t want your special memory compromised because of a blurry or streaky picture. So you need a phone that’ll make each picture transport you back to that amazing time. Optimum Mobile has a round-up of the best mobile phone cameras and what to look for.\


What to look for?

All technology changes over time and original phone cameras just won’t cut it anymore. The first cell phones that displayed a camera were in the year 2000, and things have changed a lot since then. So our phone cameras should be keeping up with the times, too!

When you’re searching for your next phone, a high quality phone camera is something to consider. But how do you know what to look for when searching for a great cell phone camera?

Ultra-wide camera

You can put away that panorama setting! With the ultra-wide camera view, your phone can show more in a picture than ever before. The latest iPhone 12 Pro has a 120-degree field range and five-element lens. So that means your family and friends don’t have to squeeze in closely while taking a group photo.

Night mode

Those campfire pictures always show up a little blurry and never quite look as pretty as it does in real life. Low light photos are no longer a problem anymore with night mode. The technology uses multiple shots and combines them, detects motion, and uses AI technology to rebalance color. This feature is available on most smartphones, it is referred to as “Night Mode” on the iPhone 12 Pro and “Night Sight” on the Google Pixel 5. This way your starry night, campfire shots will look like the real thing.

Depth sensor

You might be wondering why there are multiple lenses on your phone. There is the main camera, and then the extra lenses are part of the depth sensors. These sensors are often used in portrait mode photos. Capturing sensor information so to ensure the main subject is the most focused point of the photo and keep the background out of focus.


Your high-quality moments deserve a high-quality picture. When you’re at a child’s graduation or someone’s wedding, you want that picture to be just as clear as it is in person. That’s where megapixels come in. Megapixels help to make sure your phone is capturing the photo in a high resolution. Not only will it look great in your phone’s digital memory but if you print the pictures out, they’ll look just as amazing.

The average smartphone has about 12 megapixels. But the higher the megapixels, the higher the resolution. For example, the OnePlus 9 Pro has 48-50MP and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has 108MP, so your pictures will feel like you’re back in the moment every time.

What phones should you look at?

Are you excited to get started with your new phone camera? There are a lot of phones with different abilities and different camera qualities, but you need to find one that fits your photo-taking needs.

Here is a list of phones with the best smartphone cameras:

Your future concert-going, graduation-attending, TikTok-making memories won’t be lessened by bad picture quality anymore! With one of these phones, you’ll be prepared for every photo and video.

Get ready for your picture-perfect moment!

Are you getting everything you need from your mobile devices? 

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