Start fresh with Optimum Mobile

Ditch your old carrier

  • Pay off your phone balance. Get your old carrier to unlock it.
  • Download your last bill. Make sure it has the remaining phone balance and financing start & end dates.

Sign up

  • Sign up for an Optimum Mobile Unlimited Max plan.
  • Buy a new phone* with financing.
    *Offer not compatible with any device promotions/discounts​
  • Trade in your old phone.

Get rewarded to switch

  • Within 30 days of activation, claim your offer by filling out our form here.
  • Receive your Optimum Prepaid Mastercard® after 90 days of service on your Unlimited Max plan
  • Check your email for your confirmation number and check your status.

Switch and receive a virtual prepaid card up to $2000 per account

Number of Unlimited Max lines Get up to $400 per line
1 Up to $400
2 Up to $800
3 Up to $1200
4 Up to $1600
5 Up to $2000

Frequently Asked Questions