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Optimum shares tips for staying connected to WiFi,  such as buying a portable router, Internet stick, and visiting locations with Internet access while out. 

Most people prefer WiFi when it comes to connecting to the Internet. Oftentimes it is a more feasible option when playing video games, streaming movies, shopping online, or using social media. This is because you can utilize Internet that is already available as opposed to using your monthly data.  

It is also worth noting that you can use Internet almost anywhere you go. In fact, the ability to connect to the Internet and the quality of connecting is continuing to get better thanks to improving technology around the world. 

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Use a Portable Router 

These typically allow up to 10 devices to be connected to the Internet at a time. Just like a standard smart phone, you will need a SIM card to connect to the Internet. A portable router requires an upfront fee, as well as additional charges to gain Internet access. Many service providers will allow you to rent them at a decent rate. 

Routers are usually powered by USB, they typically come with an extension cord to plug in. This can be a better alternative to using a battery powered router, since activities like streaming and gaming can drain the battery quickly. Many models allow you to plug in devices and charge them via the router while on the go. 

Use a WiFi USB Dongle 

A WiFi USB Dongle, also known as an “Internet Stick,” is a more affordable and easily accessible version of a Mobile hotspot. It offers temporary WiFi and data connection through a standard SIM card, as opposed to needing to buy a long-term mobile hotspot plan. 

These are best suited for people who need to connect to the Internet while traveling, thanks to their light weight. However, they do not typically offer as good of signal strength, WiFi speed, or range as a hotspot would. 

Go Somewhere with WiFi 

Many businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, etc. offer free WiFi. Some businesses like hotels and airlines even offer loyalty programs and promotions to regular guests and frequent flyers. This allows customers to take advantage of WiFi when they are utilizing a certain hotel chain or airline. 

Keep in mind that there might be restrictions when connecting to these public networks. Some websites might be blocked and connection speed can suffer, making streaming or playing games nearly impossible. 

It is also worth noting that there can be some security concerns. Hackers and such can intercept transmitted data and obtain information such as email passwords, bank information, etc. This makes those connected to these WiFi channels vulnerable to fraudulent activity. It is always a good idea to avoid giving sensitive information such as your credit card or logging onto personal accounts while on public WiFi. It is best to reserve these activities for when you are connected to a private, trusted network. 

Make Use of a Hotspot Database

There are apps out there that can help you obtain local, free WiFi. One example of this is the Facebook App, which can assist in finding nearby WiFi hotspots. Other apps such as NetSpot, Wiman, and WiFi Map, are databases featuring a collection of free WiFi hotspots to choose from. As mentioned above, be mindful of the personal information you share when connected to these public networks. 

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We hope this article proved to be helpful to you on your quest for WiFi while on the go!

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