Ready for an Upgrade? 4 Things You Can Do With Your Old Phone

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Nowadays, upgrading your phone every couple of years has become the norm. In fact, the average lifecycle of a smartphone is 2.65 years. This allows you to reap the benefits of the latest cell phone models and most advanced technologies, but it leads to an important question: What happens to all those old phones? Sadly, many of them get thrown away each year—roughly 5.3 billion in 2022—which can significantly impact the environment.

Luckily, Optimum Mobile has several more sustainable recommendations for how to dispose of your old phone. From trading to recycling, we will guide you through some of your options. We’ll also provide a few tips for preparing your phone before getting rid of it.

What To Do With Old Cell Phones

1. Sell Your Old Cell Phone

One of the most attractive options is selling your old phone for cash. Websites like eBay, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace are simple platforms for selling. You can use them to complete the whole process—from engaging with potential buyers to shipping.

While the money you receive for your old phone is likely to be less than what you bought it for, you can use this to offset the cost of your new one.

Be mindful that you should reset your phone and remove any personal information before handing your phone over to a new owner.

2. Trade-In Your Old Phone

Another way to get cash back from used cell phones is to trade them in. All you need to do is get in touch with your phone provider, and they’ll let you know if your phone is eligible and estimate how much it’s worth. Then, swap in your old phone for credit on your mobile account, which can be put toward the cost of a new phone. Check out Optimum Mobile’s simple trade-in service.

3. Recycle Your Used Phone

Recycling your old phone is a simple way to reduce the environmental impact of disposing of it. And there are plenty of websites that can help you recycle it safely and easily. If your phone is in good condition, you may even be able to recycle it in return for money. Some websites that can help you do this are Decluttr, Swappa, and SellCell.

Alternatively, donating your phone is a sensible option for older or damaged phones that are unlikely to have much monetary value. Sites like Call2Recycle make donating your old phone a breeze. Or, you can check out the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website to find a center that does electronics recycling near you.

4. Repurpose Your Old Phone

If your old phone is still in good condition, you may wish to keep it. You can save it as a backup in case of emergencies, or use it for its non-communication features. After all, a smartphone is way more than just a phone. It can serve as your music player, gaming device, security camera, or even a digital photo frame.

How to Prepare Your Old Cell Phone for Disposal

Whichever way you decide to dispose of your old phone, it’s important that you prepare it correctly. First, we recommend backing up photos, videos, and files to another device or storage space. And we advise that you create a record of any pre-saved passwords and account details on your used phone. Then, remove any storage devices like SIM cards or SD cards.

When you’re confident there is nothing left on the model, you can reset it. This will remove any personalization and give you peace of mind that there’s nothing on the phone that could be dangerous if left in the wrong hands. For more tips on resetting your phone, Optimum Mobile has a complete guide.

How Optimum Can Help You Get the Most From Your Old Phone

As we mentioned, Optimum Mobile has a phone trade-in service that allows you to get credit for your old phone, which you can then use to purchase a new one. You can also pop into one of our stores, and we’ll help you find the right mobile plan to go with your updated device.

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