What is Game Streaming?

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Game streaming, also known as gaming on-demand, cloud gaming, or gaming-as-a-service, is an online gaming service. It runs games on servers that stream directly to a user’s online gaming platform, computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Traditional means of gaming, where a game runs locally on your video game platform (PlayStation, X-box, etc.), a personal computer or mobile device.

The advantage of this type of online gaming is that it essentially eliminates the need to purchase expensive gaming computers or to install the games directly on a gaming platform. Cloud gaming is also available to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Internet Speed and Game Streaming

Game streaming requires a reliable high-speed Internet connection that enables the user to play as if they have a gaming console or PC in front of them. Obviously, a fast network connection will be useful because if your Internet is slow or even inconsistent your gameplay will suffer due to slow latency.

The Internet connection you need depends upon the game streaming service you use; you will need anywhere from 5 to 20Mbps. A wired hookup is not necessary, although it will help, so will having 5GHz Wifi. Also, you do not want to cut costs and sacrifice the quality of your router. In fact, utilizing a fiber connection if it’s offered in your area will certainly prove advantageous.

What are Game Streaming Services?

Cloud gaming services act similarly to a remote desktop or video-on -demand service, as the games are stored and executed on the provider’s dedicated server/hardware and then streamed as a video to your gaming console, PC, or mobile device, etc. through client software. The software will handle all the player inputs that are sent back to the streaming services server and executed in-game.

There are a few cloud gaming services that are based on access to a virtual Windows environment, which can allow users the ability to download and install them as they would on a local computer, gaming computer, etc. This eliminates the need to purchase computer hardware or install games onto a gaming platform.

What are the Best Cloud Gaming Platforms?

There are several cloud gaming services that will hook you up with great video games so instead of downloading the games to a gaming console or PC you can start playing games in minutes. You can choose to pay for a full library of games monthly or purchase the games you wish à la carte, It’s worth noting that there are a variety of easy-to-use, inexpensive options to choose from, such as a handful of popular, easily accessible streaming services such as, Nvidia GeForce, PlayStation Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Shadow, and more.

Here are some features of each streaming service:

  1. Shadow: Shadow’s service is structured so that you will not be subscribing to a shared cloud gaming platform with multiple users using the same pool of resources. The system gives the user a dedicated cloud gaming computer that delivers a much more fluid experience that cannot succumb to poor game streaming performance.
  2. GeForce Now: GeForce Now is an alternative cloud gaming solution from Nvidia. The service does not provide access to video games not owned by the user. The user will need to connect their own game library to their GeForce Now account. The system supports 1080p resolution and has minimal input lag. You can sign up with a free account or a Priority membership, but your gaming sessions are limited to 1 hour (Free) and 6 hours (Priority). If you have a large library of video games GeForce may be perfect choice.
  3. Xbox Cloud Gaming: Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming (aka xCloud) came out of beta in Sept 2021. The advantage is that users will have access to a library of hundreds of video games through the Xbox Game Pass and is a great option for users to play games on their phones.
  4. Playstation Now: Playstation Now provides access to hundreds of games, streaming on all PS gaming consoles and a PC (need to download the free PS Now app) and DUALSHOCK 4 controller connected with a USB cable. As with an Xbox Game Pass, users will have access to hundreds of video games available through download with more being added all the time.


Similar to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, etc., cloud gaming has begun to be a viable method of playing your favorite video games without shelling out the money needed for a high-end gaming PC or gaming platform.


Until recently, streaming technology for gaming was not fast enough, resulting in slow latency. Internet speeds have now become faster, making game streaming accessible to a larger group of people. Also, the hardware needed can now deliver high-fidelity content.

Whether it’s Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, The Elder Scrolls Online, or any other game. If you are playing any of the games through a streaming game service, you will need an Internet speed that will be able to match your gaming speed without any input lag or slow latency. Optimum provides fast, reliable internet speeds to take advantage of all the online gaming world has to offer.

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