What Is Augmented Reality?

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Augmented Reality (AR) has become one of the largest technological trends recently and will continue to grow. Envision a world where there is no line between what is real and your imagination!

Augmented reality technology will digitally impose virtual objects in a user’s natural environment with information about the things they are looking at by either using a smartphone/tablet, Virtual Reality goggles, or AR glasses.

Digitized visual elements such as sound are combined with other sensory stimulation using mobile computing technology and mobile apps. Augmented reality is becoming more accessible around the world. Some examples of augmented reality at work are Snapchat lenses, Pokėmon Go, and more.

Augmented Reality and the Physical World

With the rise of data collection and analysis, one goal of augmented reality is to highlight certain aspects of the physical world. This goal would help increase understanding of those features while also deriving smart and accessible insight into real- world applications.

Ever since augmented reality was conceived, the perception has been that it is simply a marketing tool used by both technology and marketing companies. As AR has evolved and becomes integrated into a wider range of applications, evidence has emerged that shows that consumers are starting to derive some real and tangible benefits from the functionality of augmented reality and are starting to expect it as an integral part of the purchasing process

Augmented Reality and Its Uses

Augmented reality’s growth recently can be directly attributed to consumer-focused solutions that allow prospective buyers to visualize products, feel them, or even experience them before making their purchase.

With the ever-expanding technological growth, potential cost-saving, and business applications in mind, the demand for and investment in augmented reality will continue to increase. Here are some augmented reality applications that are being used for real-world applications.

  • IKEA Place App – allows you to scan your room and design the room by placing digitized IKEA furniture in the digital image of your room
  • Sephora Virtual Artist – AR technology allows customers to try out different makeup products on the digital face
  • DrawyBook App by Bic - combines coloring and augmented reality that will make your child’s drawings come alive
  • AccuVein - a handheld device with the ability to scan a patient’s vein network through the skin

Aside from just consumer goods, the healthcare industry allows surgeons to plan surgical procedures, map tumor outlines, and many more applications. While augmented reality diagnostic tools will have the ability to model disease conditions, educate patients on what to expect on certain conditions, and much more.


The Future of Augmented Reality

The Metaverse is an all-inclusive term that blends Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Extended Reality (XR) and it can be easy to see a future where the lines between the real world and the virtual world intertwine and become blurred.


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