4 Best Apps for your Smart Home

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Your everyday life is a little bit easier with your new smart home products. Your toast is exactly how you like it, your thermostat is always at the correct temperature, and you’ve never felt safer at home than with your smart security system.

Did you know you can control all of this with an app on your phone? Yes, that’s right. Before you even walk through the door, you can make sure everything is set and ready for your arrival.

Ready to take your home to the next level? Optimum Mobile lists the best apps that will allow you to run your smart home accessories from your smartphone.

All-in-one best smart home apps

Imagine being able to turn on the oven for dinner without needing to leave your room or turning on the outdoor lights before you get home. With smart home apps for your mobile phone, you’ll be able to make sure your home is running smoothly while you’re on the go or just chilling on the couch.

There are different smartphone apps that provide all-encompassing support for your smart home. Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, your home is covered.

1. Apple Home app

Do you have a home powered by Apple products? With the Apple Home app, you can control your home and everything inside (or outside) with your smartphone or Apple Watch.

What is the Apple Home app?

Apple Home has a pre-approved list of products like home security, garage doors, smart TVs, speakers, sprinklers, windows, thermostats, lights and so much more. You can group the Apple-approved devices together in one room on the Home app. With this capability, you’ll be able to control your smart devices in one room at one time. You can make commands such as, “turn off the lights and fan in the bedroom.” But to make more complex requests you can click on the app’s icon to control the light or fan settings. You can also create “scenes” for each room. A “scene” allows you to group commands. For example, you can set a scene called, “Movie Night,” in which you can lower the shades, dim the lights, and turn the smart TV on all at once. You can set these scenes and settings based on location, time of day, and who is home. Curate your home with a click of a button or voice command.

2. Google Assistant app

With the smart house app, Google Assistant, you can monitor your smart devices with a voice command or a tap of your phone. Set your smart devices however you like and minimize your daily chores.

What is the Google Assistant app?

Expecting guests but you’re running late at work? Start your dishwasher and activate your smart vacuum or mop to get your house squeaky clean before you and your guests arrive through the Google Assistant app. Create “routines” that compile multiple tasks that can be set off at the same time. For example, you can say, “Hey Google, Good Night,” or set a command within the app and your lights will turn off, the blinds will close, and your TV and music will turn off. Set these commands anytime, anywhere.

3. Amazon Alexa app

Connect your devices and create a cozy home through the Amazon Alexa app. Through the app you can create timers for your lights, monitor activity through smart cameras inside and outside of your home, control the smart TV, and save energy by adjusting your thermostat wherever you are.

What is the Amazon Alexa app?

With Alexa “routines” you can control multiple settings and devices with one request. Get mobile alerts through the app about your home security, and whether, it’s broken glass, a triggered smoke alarm, or a fox running through your yard, you’ll get a notification on your phone. Did you forget something? With Alexa “hunches,” Alexa can remind you about things or settings you may have forgotten. If you forget to lock your door Alexa will send you a notification and you can lock your door through your app.

4. Samsung SmartThings app

Previously known as Samsung Connect, the Samsung SmartThings app gives you the ability to monitor your home no matter where you are.

What is the Samsung SmartThings app?

You can group devices so that you can make a command that will control multiple devices at once, and this, is called a “mode.” Through app notifications, you can receive information about your devices and updates about the controls you have set.

Through the app, you’ll have the ability to configure start and end times for your appliances and make sure they're set to automatic. Now you can start the dishwasher from your bedroom or start your load of laundry while you’re on your way home. You can even start a movie on your phone and seamlessly display it on your TV when you’re ready. Having someone house sit for you? You can enable shared control to different users based on their location. That way your house sitter can use the same controls you do with no issue, and then you can unshare the controls when you’re home.


Your smart home is easier to control now more than ever! With smart home apps for your mobile phone, you can monitor and control everything from clicking a button or a voice command. Smart home sweet smart home!


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