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Earth is your home, so taking care of it is very important. There are small ways to help the planet stay healthy, like remembering to turn the lights off when you leave a room or planting a tree in your local park. But, did you know your smart home appliances can help save the planet too?

Not only can certain smart home appliances save energy and water, but they can also save you money, it’s a win-win!

You can tell an appliance has eco-friendly capabilities when you see an Energy Star certification. The certification means that the appliance meets federally mandated energy efficiency guidelines. Each appliance has a different set of guidelines (i.e. the specifications for a dishwasher and for a washing machine will be different).

Here is Optimum’s guide to the best eco-friendly smart appliances for your home.

Energy and water-saving appliances

While there are many benefits of having smart appliances in your home, there are also many benefits to having eco-friendly appliances as well. Saving energy and water is crucial for curbing the effects of climate change. The excessive use of energy causes the emission of greenhouse gases which contribute to acid rain, increased intensity in natural disasters, a rise in temperatures, and so much more. Conserving water is important because it keeps water clean and helps the growth of the environment and ecosystems. Also, saving water can prevent droughts and water shortages. Saving energy and water at home may seem small to you, but it’s contributing to the planet overall and that’s huge!


What eco-friendly smart appliances are there?

Warm weather is in full swing, and you’ll want to take care of your plants and lawn. With the Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller, you won’t waste a dime on outdoor water. Create a schedule for your lawn sprinkler so you won’t overwater the plants or start watering plants in the rain. The smart sprinkler even caters to the types of plants, sun exposure, and soil type to make sure the water it’s receiving is always the right amount. No more and no less! And it’s Apple Home Kit compatible, so you can schedule anything right from your mobile device.

After a big meal, a dishwasher can be a wonderful timesaver. The Smart Linear Wash 39dBA Dishwasher allows for a more efficient washing experience. With its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control and monitor the dishwasher’s activity from your phone. So when you’re tucked into bed and you forgot to turn on the dishwasher, you can turn it on from your phone. Did you know that the conventional dishwasher uses an average of 10 gallons of water per cycle? Well, the Samsung Smart Linear Wash only uses 3.2 gallons per cycle. Saving on your energy bills and saving the planet from wasted water!

Saving energy at home can start with your thermostat. The Nest Thermostat is a smart thermostat from Google that will save you between 10%-12% on your heating bill and 15% on your cooling bill. You can control it through the Google Home App on your smartphone. The app will help you spot savings, telling you where you can use less energy to save money and the planet. You can change the temperature from wherever you are and it can turn itself off when you’re not home; that way you won’t be heating or cooling when nobody’s home.

Do you need a refrigerator with more space and efficiency? The LG InstaView Smart is perfect for you! This LG refrigerator has French doors and a pull-out freezer with ample space for everyone’s food. With the tinted glass panel on the front of the French doors, you can see what’s inside of your fridge without having to open the doors and let out that air. Average refrigerators use 1,575 kilowatts of energy a year, whilst the LG InstaView Smart uses less than half at just 780 kilowatts annually. Keep track of your refrigerator with the ThinQ app to check the maintenance, usage reports, and receive notifications through your phone.

Your washer and dryer set can conserve water and energy too! The Smart Fingerprint Resistant Front-Load Washer & Electric Dryer Set takes great care of your clothes while using less water and energy, eliminating wasted usage. The dryer has a drying sensor to make sure your clothes are not “over-dried,” which saves the fabric on your clothing as well as energy. The washer has super-fast speeds to wash your clothes quickly, saving time and water. Plus the set’s Bixby enabled Wi-Fi connectivity means you can start your appliances, schedule cycles, and receive alerts all on your smartphone.


Are Smart Appliances Worth It?

Smart appliances are worth it in the sense that they can save you a lot of money in the long run, since they use less energy and in turn, cost you less money over time. Initially, however, they are expensive. Some people feel that the appliances aren't perfect yet so they would rather the glitches get worked out.

Another issue is the fact that there isn't a central automated assistant. This is because companies battle for supremacy and there is not yet an industry standard protocol. Though many of us would love to have a smart home that runs itself (with appliances!), it seems that glorified remotes and such are the best we've got right now.

Are Smart Appliances Safe?

These devices are able to store information on either the device or the network regarding your usage, habits, and preferences. This can be a potential privacy risk. Still, the pros often outweigh the cons. You'll be doing wonders for your bank account and for your wallet.

Why not make your home smart device compatible and eco-friendly? With these appliances and more, you can save yourself money and do your bit for the planet, too. Every little bit helps!

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