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Happy New Year! Now that you’ve celebrated the arrival of 2022, you’re going to want to start goal tracking. Whether you’re striving to elevate your career, hoping to read more books, or help manage your anxiety, you can keep yourself on track to accomplish everything. But, as we all know, keeping your New Years' resolutions can be easier said than done. So how are you going to stay focused on these goals?

You could download a few self-help apps to your phone. What’s better than a pocket partner keeping you in check? It’s time to start this off on the right foot. Optimum Mobile has a list of the best self-help apps to assist you to be the best version of yourself this year.

Productivity apps


Life can get overwhelming, it seems like there’s something new to juggle every single day. Luckily, you can use an organization app like Todoist to organize everything. Stay on top of yourself with a list of tasks that you can organize by priority level, filter by favorites and different types of projects, and set reminders to complete each activity. You can even share tasks with others, work on projects together, or have someone help you stay focused. The app even tracks your progress to let you see how much you’ve accomplished over different time periods. The Todoist app is free for the basic app package and $3-$5 a month for the pro package.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep all of your notes, documents, and tasks all in one spot? With Evernote, you’re able to see everything right in front of you. The app can connect to your calendar, organize your tasks and to-do lists, and save webpages and articles with an Evernote extension on your laptop or desktop and it will automatically save to your app. When you have documents you’d like to keep in the same collection as your notes, you can scan your documents into the app. The Evernote app is free for the basic package and $7.99-$14.99 for the pro package.

Sometimes starting a new habit can be hard to keep up with, we’ve all been there! With the Habit Tracker, you can establish new habits by keeping track of and measuring your progress. Set reminders and targets each week, monitor your trends, and get step-by-step plans to guide you through new tasks. You can even see how you stand with your goals and habits on your Apple Watch. The app is available for free.

Apps for mental health

Calm App

Staying focused and managing your busy life can be a struggle if you’re not taking care of yourself. The Calm app aims to make the world (and you) happier and healthier. With the app, you can cater their services to focus on what your goals are. They offer help with sleep management, anxiety, stress, self-improvement, or improving your focus. The app has sleep sounds and stories for you to fall asleep to, you can track your mood, practice guided meditation, engage in mindful movement and stretching, and so much more. The Calm app has a one-week free trial and then costs $75 for the year.


Stress can feel hard to manage but there are apps that can help you through it. The MoodMission app uses an evidence-based design to encourage you to overcome feelings of stress, anxiety, and low moods. When you give your current mood to the MoodMission app, it gives you five simple and effective missions to complete to help lift your spirits. The missions range from physical movement, guided meditation, calling a loved one, and more. The MoodMission app is available for $7.99.


Create a healthy space for yourself with the Headspace app. Through science-baked meditation and mindfulness tools to help you create life habits that can support your mental health and happiness. Use relaxing music and wind down exercises to help you sleep, access a library of over 500 meditations, and work mindfulness into your daily routine with yoga, music, and more. The Headspace app is available for a one-week free trial and then $12.99 a month.

Take care of yourself this year and use one of these apps to create healthy habits. If you feel as though your mental health is being impacted by social media as well, learn more about how it can affect with our article: How Social Media Affects Mental Health and How to Overcome it.

Happy downloading and happy New Year!


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