Apps & Wearable Tech for New Year’s Resolutions

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Every year, there’s a new crop of New Year’s resolutions. In 2014 it was to go to the gym 4 days a week, 2016 it was to read 1 book a month, 2018 it was to volunteer more often. 

If your recent past is littered with un-kept resolutions, this year you might be thinking, “Why bother if I can’t stick to it?"

This year, you’ll have more help than ever, thanks to new technology. Whether it’s an app on your phone or a watch on your wrist, there’s plenty of internet-ready tech to help you stay in tune with what you want to achieve this year.

So before you give up, make a plan. And have a look at new tools to bring you closer to your goals this year.

Apps to keep your New Year’s Resolution on track

Regardless of your goals for the upcoming year, you’ll definitely have plenty of app options to keep track, stay on track, and keep the “new you” at the forefront of your daily routine.

Here are a few top options, broken down by category:

Apps to help you stay calm and focused

It’s been a tough year, so general mental health may be at the top of your list of areas to improve. Create a safe space for yourself by downloading health apps like Calm and Headspace. These award-winning meditation apps help users boost confidence, reduce stress, and sleep better through calming music, bedtime stories, and guided meditations. Download and bliss out so you’ll have the mental energy and focus you need to take on the next year.

Apps to help you stay fit

Exercising more, losing weight, and getting in shape are all popular versions of the same New Year’s resolution: taking better care of your body. There are a few ways to do it, but usually, this form of self-care will combine some form of activity and better nutrition.

For those looking to get active, an app like Strava can be very helpful - built for runners to track routes and speed, the app also functions as an online fitness community (think social media, but with exercise instead of gossip). As far as nutrition goes, there’s a healthy debate out there about the benefits and drawbacks of dieting, but general agreement on the benefits of healthy foods. If you want to be more intentional about your sources of caloric intake, try a tracker app like MyFitnessPal or Lifesum.

Apps to help you learn a new language

New year, new language! With a free language learning app like Babbel or Duolingo, you’ll get to know a new language wherever you go. Gain knowledge from flashcards, exercises, and drills on word choice. While you may not come out of the lessons with complete fluency, you will have a basic understanding of the language. It is a great starting point for your new linguistics skills, and a better way to stretch your brain than that same old game on your smart phone.

Apps to help you reach your reading goal

Making your reading goal this year is going to be no sweat. With apps like GoodReads, you can make a goal of how many books you want to read this year and keep track by adding new titles, updating your progress, and chatting with a community of avid readers. And getting your books will be no problem either, with library apps like Libby, you can read books on your Kindle or iPad without having to go to the library.

Apps to help you find your passion

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Websites and apps like Coursera, edX, and MasterClass allow you to earn certifications and learn from world-renowned leaders in their industries. Study up and download workbooks to build your knowledge and take your passion to the next level.

Wearable technology for the New Year

Thanks to wearable technology, you can still keep your New Year’s resolutions when you’re out and about. Whether you’re tracking your miles on a run, keeping tabs on your blood pressure throughout a stressful workday, or kicking a bad habit, the next generation of wearables can help you accomplish anything.

Here are a few products to look into:

Wearable devices with full technology platforms

When it comes to wearable devices, there’s smart technology and then there’s integrated smart technology. The latest trend is devices that connect your biological statistics to a fully integrated tech platform, such as an Apple Watch which can connect to your other Apple products via the Siri digital assistant feature or Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch that offers the same connectivity through the Google assistant. Not only do these options help you keep track of your health status throughout the day, but they let you interface with planning the rest of your life.

Health and activity monitoring devices

If hooking up your bodily info to a cloud software platform seems like a step too far, there are less intrusive options. Early generation wearable tech providers such as Fitbit also have newer products, like the Fitbit Sense, that won’t necessarily link up with your home’s digital assistant system.

There are also less expensive fitness-only wrist monitor devices on the market for you to try just to make sure you’re comfortable with the whole setup, but just make sure to check customer reviews for any product without a recognizable track record of proven success.

Good luck in the New Year, and remember; whatever it is, you can do it!


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