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It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without cell phones.

But, they help you stay connected with your family. Whether you’re down the hall or across the country, you want to make sure everyone is safe. Especially when it comes to your kids! While it might be a worrisome thought, your kids can benefit from having a phone of their own. You want to be tapped into what they have going on while giving them the freedom to grow.

What if they get home early from school and don’t have a key to get in the house? Or if they get lost walking around the mall without you? Getting your child a cell phone will allow them to be independent. Whether it's a real emergency or they just want to send you a funny meme, having a cellphone allows them to easily stay connected, whenever, wherever.

You might be wondering, “what phones are out there for kids? And how can I guarantee they’re being safe?” Optimum Mobile has the 411 on how to keep them safe, as well as several phones you might want to consider buying them.

Parental Controls for Kids Phones

When deciding what kind of phone you want to get your child, you’ll want to consider a few things!

Of course, you want them to have some elbow-room to figure things out for themselves. But, you also want to know they’re protected even when you can’t physically see them.

Here are a few parental controls that most kids phones provide:

  • Limiting screen time - You want them to use the phone but you also want them to go to bed on time! Setting screen time limits allow you to make sure they’re not spending too much time on certain apps or the phone in general.
  • Application downloads - Are there certain apps you don’t want your child to download? No problem! You can block certain applications from downloading on your child’s phone and unblock them whenever you feel comfortable.
  • Location tracking - Keep an eye on your kids as they go for a bike ride in the park is easier than ever. You can monitor your child’s location and set alerts to notify you when they leave a certain area.
  • Internet usage - Kids’ phones can limit or eliminate internet usage. The internet is a big space and you want your kids to only interact with the best parts.

Best Phones for Kids

We know how important it is for your child to have a reliable phone with the necessities (and preferably one that they love!) For this reason,  Optimum Mobile has collected a range of different phones that might be worth considering!

If your child is a big fan of gaming, streaming or social media, the crowd-pleasing Samsung S23 Ultra 5G is a sure winner in our books. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is more than the next big step in mobile tech. With the highest camera resolution on a phone and stunning Night Mode powered by Nightography, you can share those big moments no matter the lighting. Plus, with the fastest Snapdragon processor yet, juggle high-intensity games, multiple apps or video calls with ease. Write, sketch, edit, create and share from anywhere with a built-in S Pen. And do all of the above on an incredibly large display built for gaming, streaming, creating and doing.

Is your older child looking for their first smartphone? The iPhone 15 is perfect for your pre-teens. They can text in the family group chats and share photos with everyone. It features an advanced dual-camera system with 48MP Main and 12 MP Ultra Wide cameras, up to 20 hours of video playback, and a 6.1-inch (diagonal) all-screen OLED2

If you’re looking for something your child will love at a low-price, the moto g play is a great phone to consider. It features an ultra-wide 6.5-inch Ultra-wide HD allowing for comfortable movie-watching, gaming, and video chats. The battery life is also super impressive, offering up to two days of sustained battery life. This phone also offers a ton of mind-easing simplicity such as fingerprint unlock and a water-repellent design.

You work hard to keep your children safe, that shouldn’t stop at their technology! These phones can create a safe environment for you and your children.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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