Google Pixel 6: News, Rumors and Specs

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The Pixel 6 marks a new era in smartphones for Google. It’s got a new look, a new camera, a new processor and even a new model, the Pixel 6 Pro. It might be the most important phone Google has made since the original Pixel in 2013.

While Google has yet to reveal all of the details, including an official release date and price, there is a lot of information out there. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the new Google Pixel phone.


Google Pixel 6 Release Date

Google has not officially announced a release date or price for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. That said, we can make an educated guess for when the Google Pixel 6 phone is coming out. Historically, Google has launched Pixel phones in mid to late October, and they have said the new phone is coming “later this Fall”. Expect the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to come out around that time.


Google Pixel 6 Price

We know a little bit more about the price. Google has said that the Pixel 6 will be a “premium-priced product”. That means it should cost more than the Pixel 5, which is $699. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Pixel 6 start at $799 with the Pixel 6 Pro at $999, similar to the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, but Google will need to confirm that. Note that there is no Google Pixel 6 XL: the regular and Pro are the only two editions of the phone.


Pixel 6 Processor, Storage and Speed

When it comes to storage, Google has been coy. Rumors have pegged the Pixel 6 as having 128GB and 256GB options, while the Pro has those plus a larger 512GB variant.

The Pixel 6 will feature Google’s new Tensor processor. The Tensor is designed specifically to take advantage of AI and machine learning. It’s meant to improve functionality in all sorts of use cases, from autofocusing video and unblurring photos to translation and speech recognition. We’ll have to wait for Google to confirm specific features, but the possibilities are exciting.


Pixel 6 Camera

On the hardware side, details of the Pixel 6’s camera are light. The Pixel 6 will have a main camera and ultrawide lense, while the Pro will add a 4x optical-zoom telephoto lense. Cameras have long been a strength of Google’s hardware, the Pixel 6 camera should continue that trend.

As mentioned above, the Tensor processor will improve the camera on the software side. Expect better color balance, object detection and even a “face deblur” feature.


Pixel 6 Screen Dimensions

The Pixel 6 will feature a 6.4 inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate. The Pixel 6 Pro bumps that to 6.7 inches with a 120Hz refresh rate. It’s likely that the Pro will feature an adaptive display, similar to the iPhone 13 Pro, to help save battery life.

The design of the screen itself is rather striking. It’s almost all screen, with thin bezels and a small hole on top for the front-facing camera.


Pixel 6 Colors and Design

The Pixel 6 is an attractive phone, and a fairly radical departure from the design of the Pixel 5. The most notable change is the shiny black camera bar, which stretches across the top of the back of the phone. The bar is noticeably wider than the rest of the phone.

It also means that every Pixel 6 will have a tri-tone color scheme: the top of the phone, the black camera bar, and the bottom of the phone. They have yet to name them, but Google has revealed three colors for the Pixel 6 and three for the Pro. The regular 6 gets all black, pale and bright green and pale and bright orange. The Pro offers all black, gold, and silver.


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