The Best Electronic Gifts for Dad

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Shopping for dad is hard. It’s easy to reach for the stereotypical standbys: golf clubs, grilling gear, the dreaded tie. Those are great gifts, but they’re also safe and, let’s admit it, a bit boring.

Electronic gadgets, though: those are cool. “Electronics” is a massive category, and there’s a perfect gift out there for every dad. But don’t go shopping without some knowledge. From tablets and WiFi extenders to camping gadgets and sports streaming platforms, we’ve got you covered with Optimum's guide to the best electronic gifts for dad.     

A tablet

For a one size fits all gadget gift, look no further than a tablet. Tablets are incredibly versatile and easy to use, making them perfect for tech-savvy dads and “how do I open a PDF” dads alike. They’re excellent e-readers and streaming devices, too.

Tablets come in two flavors: iOS and Android. iOS tablets like the iPad Air and iPad pro are great premium options, combining Apple’s build quality and the familiarity of iOS in one package. The iPad Air is probably the best all-around option, though the Pro is great for artistic dads.

There’s a much wider variety of Android tablets. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series and Amazon’s Fire tablets are excellent, with a range of affordable and premium options. Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is also an interesting option. It’s closer to a pure e-reader than a tablet, but it’s probably the best e-reader money can buy.

We could write an entire article on tablets. Which, thankfully, we did. Check out our guide for more extensive thoughts on iOS and Android tablets.


A WiFi extender or mesh system

For something that we rely on every day, the average WiFi router is frustratingly unreliable. Their connections can be spotty and weak, and that’s if they even reach every corner of the house to begin with.

Save your Dad some stress with a WiFi extender or mesh system. A WiFi extender usually refers to a wireless repeater, which is a device that captures and rebroadcasts your wireless signal. They’re great for networks that need a bit more help to cover the whole house. A mesh network replaces the router entirely. It’s made up of one base router and multiple “nodes” that carry the signal throughout the house. A mesh system is a more significant investment, but it’s the best of the best in terms of coverage.


A sports streaming subscription

For the dad that loves sports, there’s no better gift than a subscription to a sports streaming platform.

Now, there are a ton of sports streaming platforms—we cover them in depth in our guide—but here’s a quick overview. MLB, the NHL, and the NBA all have excellent, all-in-one streaming services. They're perfect for the dad who lives in New York but wants to watch the Red Sox and Celtics. The NFL is tougher. There isn’t a single service that has every NFL game, though a combination of Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, and the ESPN app can get you close.

ESPN+ is also worth taking a look at, especially if your Dad is more of a sports connoisseur. ESPN+ hosts UFC fights, MLS soccer, college football, and more.      

A GPS handheld

Not every electronic gift needs to be something that dad can only use inside. For the adventurous dads out there, consider grabbing a handheld GPS device.

A handheld GPS device allows access to GPS maps and navigation from basically anywhere. They’re perfect for dads who love camping, hiking, or even fly fishing. GPS mainstays Garmin make great devices, but be sure to do some research to see which device is best for your Dad.

There are other outdoor gadgets too, of course. For a quick look at chargers, generators, and everything in between, check out our camping gadget guide.

Of course, these aren’t the only electronic gifts you should get your Dad. These are just four ideas, and it’s impossible to cover every possible electronic gift in one article. Your Dad might be more interested in a smart TV or a smart home security system. Hopefully, we were able to give you a few thought starters. Now get out there and get the best Father’s Day gift you can find.


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