4 Best Podcasts and Podcasts Apps in 2022

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Which is the Best Podcast for you?

Whether you have a long commute and want to pass the time or you’re interested in learning something new, podcasts consistently offer something new to listen to. 

What is a Podcast?

Podcasters cover a wide range of topics, including current events, sports, pop culture, human interest stories and mysteries. There are plenty of topics to cover in podcasts and plenty of places to stream them. Optimum Mobile has all of the information you need to start streaming podcasts. 

How to Listen To Podcasts

There are a variety of apps that allow you to download and listen to podcasts on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher via your computer, iPad or phone. They’re as simple as navigating to the podcast section, looking around the apps, and then eventually playing one that catches your interest. We’ll get into more detail below! 

1. Apple Podcasts

If you’re an Apple user, your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook laptop has an app called Apple Podcasts. Apple has millions of podcasts from some of the biggest names and independent podcasters, all at your disposal. You can personalize your listening experience and get shows recommended to you that fit your taste. You can find your favorite podcasts in the “Channels” section, here you can see new and old episodes from the podcast you subscribe to and discover new ones that are recommended to you. Or you can discover podcasts in the “Top Charts” section, where you can see the top trending episodes and podcasts.


Apple Podcasts are free. You can get a subscription to individual shows, giving you exclusive bonus content, such as extra episodes, access to new episodes and shows early, and ad-free listening. Prices vary depending on the creator but start at $.49.


Apple Podcasts is available on most Apple devices, including any that run iOS, watchOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS or CarPlay. For non-Apple products, the app supports Microsoft Windows and Amazon Alexa devices.

Exclusive Podcasts

Though Apple has produced some original podcasts, such as true crime series The Line, there are no shows that are exclusive to the platform. Instead, there are Apple Podcast subscriptions. You can subscribe to individual podcasts, such as CNN’s The Handoff, or podcast networks, like Pushkin Industries and Luminary. Subscribing nets you exclusive content, early access to episodes, ad-free listening, and more.

2. Spotify Podcasts

Spotify isn’t just a music streaming platform! Once you're finished reviewing your top songs of the year, you can check out a long list of available podcasts through the Spotify app. Through Spotify, you can listen to your favorites while also getting recommendations on new ones! You have the ability to save good podcasts you like and new episodes of the podcast will automatically save so you can listen as soon as the new episode is released. Download podcast episodes so you can listen offline, which is perfect for a long car ride or when you’re on a plane!


Spotify podcasts are available to all users. For $9.99 a month, Spotify Premium offers ad-free listening.


Spotify is available on nearly every computer, smartphone, smart speaker, and streaming device you can imagine. iPhone, Android, Alexa, Google Home, Windows, CarPlay, Android Auto, Roku, ChromeCast—if it can get online, it can probably run Spotify.

Exclusive Podcasts

Spotify bought podcast network Gimlet Media in 2019. Along with Spotify is the exclusive home for shows from the sports podcasting network The Ringer.

Here are a few more Spotify Originals worth checking out:

  • Renegades: Born in the U.S.A. from Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen
  • The Michelle Obama Podcast from Michelle Obama herself
  • Archwell Audio from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

3. Google Podcasts

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, everyone can listen to their favorite podcasts through Google Podcasts. Explore podcast recommendations and browse top trending podcasts and genres to discover something new. Customize your listening experience by adding podcast episodes to your queue for seamless listening,and adjusting playback speeds to listen faster or to scrub through entire shows quickly. You can also track your listening history to easily return to old episodes.

Stream shows on multiple devices without losing your place in an episode and download podcasts to listen offline anytime, anywhere. Subscribe and listen to all the best podcasts on Google Play for free!


Subscribe and listen to all of the best podcasts on Google Play for free


Google Podcasts is available on devices running Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS, as well as in any web browser.

Exclusive Podcasts

Unlike most podcast apps, Google Podcasts does not have any exclusive podcasts or content. It’s focused solely on being a podcast player and library.

4. Stitcher

Stitcher podcast app is 100% devoted to podcasts and their selection of over 260,000 podcasts gives you a lot to listen to. Personalize your listening experience, organize your favorite podcasts in custom groups to listen to new episodes, and manage downloads from Stitcher with ease. Queue up your next few podcast episodes, customize your controls to fast forward or rewind as much or as little as you want, and if you need some help going to sleep you can set a sleep timer through the app and fall asleep to a podcast.


Stitcher is free with ads. There's also a premium subscription for $4.99 a month. With the premium package, you receive ad-free listening, bonus episodes from your favorite podcasters, early access to the best Stitcher podcasts, and monthly merchandise giveaways.


The Stitcher app is available on iOS and Android. You can also listen directly from the Stitcher website.

Exclusive Podcasts

Stitcher is a podcast network first and foremost, and they produce a ton of excellent shows. While none of them are completely exclusive to Stitcher, Stitcher Premium members get early access and ad free listening. Shows like Blowback, WTF with Marc Maron, Comedy Bang! Bang!, How Did This Get Made? and The Distraction are available early for Stitcher Premium members.

Start listening

Next time you’re hopping in the car or need something to listen to while you clean the house, throw on a podcast from one of these great apps and platforms.

Happy listening!


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