The Best Phones with Large Screens

These days there are so many different activities that you can do on your mobile phone. Long gone are the days that you only used your cell phone to make a simple phone call or send a quick text. Now, the world is truly at your fingertips! You can use social media, check email, shop online, play games, stream movies, and more! When it comes to your choice of phone, bigger can be better and make a lot of the above activities easier. 

Here are a few options which can be purchased directly from Optimum Mobile.

1. iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone 14 boasts an impressive all-day battery life, groundbreaking safety features, and various settings and modes to assist in taking expert-level photos. 

2. iPhone 14 Pro Max

Just like the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro Max also features all-day battery life, in addition to a 48 MP main camera, an always-on display, and Dynamic Island for a new way to interact with iPhone.

3. Motorola moto g 5G

Featuring an impressively smooth 90 Hz display, the moto g 5G includes long battery life with rapid charging, a 50 MP camera system with Dual Capture, and plenty of room for storage.

4. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

This is a great choice for Android lovers! This phone comes with features like a very bright display, cameras that offer superior low light performance, and a built-in S pen. Beyond the improvements in display, the phone features a new chipset, quick charging, and a larger main camera sensor.

5. Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G

This Samsung model offers a large, bright display that makes viewing easy even when outside. It offers premium features like an improved telephoto lens with 30x zoom as well as strong battery life.


We hope this list is useful as you find the large screen phone that suits you and your family! You can find these models and others at Optimum Mobile.

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