We are working
around the clock
to restore service

We know how important connectivity is to you, and we are aware that some of our residential and business customers are patiently waiting for their services to be restored following the severe weather conditions associated with Tropical Storm Isaias. Due to our ongoing network monitoring, we are aware of the outages.

While our crews are out, and working around the clock to restore service in impacted areas, here are some things you should know about the service restoration process during severe weather events:

  • Electrical power is needed to operate cable and internet services. This includes power to devices in homes and business locations like TVs, set-top boxes and modems. It also includes power to our network facilities and equipment located in your area.
  • If electricity to your home or business location has been restored and you are still unable to access Optimum services, it could be because the power that feeds our network in your area comes from a different commercial power source than the power that feeds your home or business location. Or, restoring your service may require repairs (such as damage caused from downed trees and fiber cuts during a storm), even down to the connection between your home and the nearest utility pole.
  • Our technicians often cannot begin work until the power company completes their repairs, so customers may experience some lag time between when power is restored and their Optimum services are restored.
  • Downed trees, power lines and other weather-related issues create damage that makes access unsafe for our employees and customers, so we must take precautionary measures to ensure service is restored in a safe manner.

Also, remember that you can access the internet while restoration efforts are underway by connecting to our 2 million+ Optimum WiFi hotspots. Additionally, Altice Mobile customers can use their device as a mobile hotspot.

We appreciate your patience as we work to restore service.
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