We've built the
FASTEST fiber network. 

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Next-generation fiber network

Optimum has built an advanced fiber network that just keeps getting faster
to seamlessly connect you to everything you love.

Fastest fiber network*Connect faster than ever with 1 Gig Internet

Symmetrical speedsSuperfast upload and download speeds

Smart WiFiIntelligent WiFi coverage throughout your home*


With fiber Internet speeds up to 1 Gig – there's a speed that's perfect for every budget and digital lifestyle.


Up to 940 Mbps

If you want our best, get our Gig service with download speeds up to 940 Mbps.


Up to 500 Mbps

Stream 4K UHD on multiple devices and power all your connected home devices.


Up to 300 Mbps

The perfect speed for multi-device HD streaming, gaming and more.


What makes Optimum’s fiber network the fastest? Unlike other providers, our fiber network delivers a powerful connection directly to the Internet gateway in your home, ensuring the fastest possible speeds. Plus, no bulky equipment on the side of your home.
  • Direct fiber connection
  • No bulky equipment

Intelligent coverage with Smart WiFi

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