An Inspiring Event for Future Women Entrepreneurs

Business success April Harris talks with the female students of AmTech on October 20th, 2 pm CST

A member of chart-topping girl group “Seduction” and now founder of “Keeping You Sweet,” a successful baked goods company, April Harris will be the guest speaker for an empowering talk with the young women of the AmTech Career Academy at “WE Are The Future,” an event from Optimum Business.

April Harris

The "WE” initiative was created to celebrate and support Women Entrepreneurs by connecting new and next-generation woman business owners with sound advice from experienced mentors," says Optimum Business Marketing Director Lisa Graham. "Through this WE Are The Future event, we are bringing women together to demonstrate the importance of sharing our collaborative strengths to achieve our individual goals.”

Quote from April Harris: "The best part of success for me is sharing all that I have learned with anyone who will listen."

The AmTech Career Academy in Amarillo, Texas provides an ideal venue for this special event. A truly unique learning environment, AmTech classrooms are real-world laboratories where young professionals practice their skills with technology and equipment to prepare them for business and industry settings. Instructors are world-class professionals whose wealth of knowledge and skills in the field lead to rich, engaging experiences for their students.

AmTech Career Academy

The school also partners with a number of business professionals to help develop students through mentorship and apprenticeship programs and welcomes visiting professionals, like April Harris, whose inspirational words breathe the life of business and career development into our young professionals.

According to AmTech Career Academy Principal Jay Barrett, “One of the most important things we can do is inspire our young people to achieve greatness. An event like WE Are The Future, where 500 young women are gathered together to listen to a message of inspiration by someone who has made it, can only inspire the next generation of young women entrepreneurs to reach for and achieve success."

Another exciting addition to this “WE Are The Future” event will be a special contest announcement for female high school students in grades 9-12. The contest details will be available on October 20th, and the winner will be announced on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day this November 19th, 2022.

To extend the benefits of this special event to more female students, Optimum Business is inviting area schools to join via live stream. If you are a member of your school staff who would like to share this event with your female students, please register today.