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When it comes to business TV, Optimum Business channel lineup is unmatched

TV is an important investment for any business. A lobby, waiting room, or bar comes to life with entertainment and information – but only with a strong channel lineup. Which is why Optimum Business channel lineup is highly rated business TV services among small business owners and their customers. It starts with Broadcast Basic, which is ideal for private offices and waiting areas. Guests and employees alike will enjoy up to 50 channels. Get all the variety you need at the best value you want, including ABC, CBS, and many more. Business Choice is the next level, and is also a strong option for private offices and waiting areas. This package comes with up to 70 channels, and in addition to the options offered with Broadcast Basic, you’ll also receive other popular news channels, kids and lifestyle channels, as well as CNN, MSNBC, HGTV, and the Food Network.


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A basic business TV package is great. But what else is there? Optimum Business channel lineup is divided into multiple options ideal for any business, no matter the size. If you’re looking for a TV package that goes beyond the basics, but is still affordable, consider Business Value. Like Broadcast Basic and Business Choice, this is also ideal for private offices and waiting areas – but it features over 185 channels, providing a great range of options. Optimum Business Value gives you everything from business and kids channels to news and sports in a value-focused packaged. That’s powerful TV. Channels in this package include CNN, Food Network, and Disney Channel, not to mention the many exclusive channels only from Optimum Business. Optimum Business channel lineup is popular among small business owners as being the best around, a combination of value and options.