WE Are The Future

An Inspiring Event for Future Women Entrepreneurs

with April Harris of Keeping You Sweet

Watch the WE Are The Future event recap video!

See April Harris, founder of successful baking company “Keeping You Sweet” and her amazing talk with the young women of AmTech. An event that was truly an inspiration to us all. Watch the video now.

WE Are The Future Blog Contest 
for For Future Women Entrepreneurs Grades 9-12. 

About the “WE” Initiative from Optimum Business

The “WE” initiative was created to celebrate and support Women Entrepreneurs by connecting new and next-generation woman business owners with sound advice from experienced mentors. Through this “WE Are The Future” event, we are bringing women together to demonstrate the importance of sharing our collaborative strengths on the path to achieving our individual goals.

Our Guest Speaker

April Harris
Founder of Keeping You Sweet baked goods company


A member of chart-topping girl group “Seduction” and now founder of the super successful “Keeping You Sweet” baked goods company, April Harris was the guest speaker for an empowering talk with the young women of AmTech Career Academy at the “WE Are The Future” event from Optimum Business.

Learn more about our WE Are The Future event

Optimum Business invited all schools to join via live stream for an inspiring talk with the female students of AmTech Career Academy. This exciting event was designed to bring young women together to gain some practical guidance to start their path to becoming a business owner from successful woman entrepreneur and charismatic speaker, April Harris of Keeping You Sweet.