Optimum Business Celebrates Women’s Equality Day – August 26, 2022

Women's Equality Day

National Women’s Equality Day commemorates the United States of America’s adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment, which ensures voting rights for all, regardless of gender. Although the proclamation was signed in 1920, it wasn’t until 1973 that Congress recognized this important and historic date by declaring it Women’s Equality Day.

Women’s Equality Day celebrates the shift in our nation from the antiquated beliefs that a woman’s inferior status in society was reasonable and marks how, over the last century, successful women have proved these views wrong and confirmed what WE can achieve, given the opportunity.

To celebrate Women’s Equality Day, Optimum Business continues its “WE” initiative to honor the individual achievements of women entrepreneurs since the campaign’s launch in March 2022. 





We will continue our support of women-owned businesses and further our mission to inspire future women entrepreneurs through our WE initiative. 



Every month we have featured local women-owned businesses to help bring awareness and growth to their businesses and strengthen connections among women’s business community members.

Optimum Business encourages you to join our support of women entrepreneurs in celebration of Women’s Equality Day and throughout the year. You can find more of the women-owned businesses we have highlighted on our social platforms, and you can also find lists of women-owned businesses on the Small Business Administration’s website or by reaching out to your local chamber of commerce.

Women entrepreneurs can also find helpful resources in Optimum Business’s Toolkit for Small Businesses. Stay tuned as the ongoing “WE” initiative continues to provide valuable business tips from inspiring women entrepreneurs and concludes with an encouraging and helpful event for future women entrepreneurs.

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