CLEC Carrier Relations

State and Federal Tariff Library

This site provides access to tariff publications filed by various Suddenlink Certified Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) affiliates with the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC")(for interstate and international services) and various state regulatory authorities (for intrastate services). The tariffs contain the rates, service descriptions, and terms and conditions of certain telecommunications services offered by the Suddenlink CLEC affiliates. The tariffs on this website are electronic representations of Suddenlink tariffs that are on file with commissions.

State/EntityTariffs for Local ServicesTariffs for Access Services
Mercury Voice and Data, LLC
Tariff AZ Local.pdf Tariff AZ Access.pdf
TCA Communications, LLC
Tariff AR Local.pdf Tariff AR Access.pdf
Cebridge Telecom CA, LLC
Tariff CA Local.pdf Tariff CA Access.pdf
Cebridge Telecom Limited, LLC
FCC Tariff No. 1
N/A 2018 REVISED Suddenlink FCC Interstate Access Service Tariff (v. 15).pdf
Cebridge Telecom KS, LLC
Filing not permitted. Service detariffed. Tariff KS Access.pdf
Cebridge Telecom KY, LLC
Tariff KY Local.pdf Tariff KY Access.pdf
Cebridge Telecom LA, LLC
Tariff LA Local.pdf Tariff LA Access.pdf
Cebridge Telecom MS, LLC
Tariff MS Local.pdf Tariff MS Access.pdf
Mercury Voice and Data, LLC
Tariff MO Local.pdf Tariff MO Access.pdf
Mercury Voice and Data, LLC
Tariff NV Local.pdf Tariff NV Access.pdf
New Mexico
Cebridge Telecom NM, LLC
Tariff NM Local.pdf Tariff NM Access.pdf
North Carolina
Cebridge Telecom NC, LLC
Filings not permittedFilings not permitted
Cebridge Telecom OH, LLC
Filings not permitted Tariff OH Access.pdf
Cebridge Telecom OK, LLC
Tariff OK Local.pdf Tariff OK Access.pdf
Cebridge Telecom TX, LP
Tariff TX Local.pdf Tariff TX Access.pdf
Cebridge Telecom VA, LLC
Tariff VA Local.pdf VA Fourth Revised Intrastate Switched Access Tariff (as filed 7-18-18).pdf)
West Virginia
Cebridge Telecom WV, LLC
Tariff WV Local.pdf Suddenlink WV – Intrastate Switched Access Tariff complete (7-18-18.pdf)

Material contained herein may not be copied, compiled, distributed or stored in whole or in part without the prior written approval of Suddenlink.

If you have any questions, or need assistance in doing business with Suddenlink, please contact the Suddenlink Carrier Relations Department at [email protected].

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