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The Importance of Testing Your WiFi speed

A fast and reliable WiFi network in your home is more important than ever especially with the rise of remote work, video streaming, online gaming, and smart home devices. Most households now have multiple connected devices using the home WiFi network at any time during the day. It is this increase in demand that makes checking your WiFi speed so important to identify any potential issues.

This speed test guide will cover everything needed to accurately test and measure the speed of your home WiFi network to ensure that all your devices are getting the connectivity needed to operate at optimal performance. Results can be lower than your plan speeds due to WiFi conditions and device-specific capabilities. Follow these instructions to periodically test your WiFi speed.

1. Use one device. Before you start the test, make sure that other devices in your home are not connected to WiFi, such as an iPad, Xbox, or a Smart TV. A slow WiFi speed could indicate interference from other connected devices, or the need for router firmware or hardware upgrades.

2. Be sure to test various locations. For the best test result, make sure you test multiple locations around your home. There could be “dead zones” around your home with low signals that may slow down speeds for devices trying to connect in these areas. Testing speeds in different areas of the home could reveal areas where a WiFi extender should be used. This can be done by downloading the My Optimum App from the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

3. Stay up to date. Make certain that your tested speeds are what you are paying for by comparing them to your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) claimed plan speeds. This will help identify whether your plan may need to be upgraded or corrected to avoid lags.


How to Accurately Test your Home WiFi

Follow this six-step method to accurately measure the WiFi speeds throughout your home:

  • Use a reliable WiFi analyzer tool, such as Optimum’s Speed Test Tool (see above). Optimum has partnered with Ookla to provide you with the most state-of-the-art WiFi speed test.
  • Test your speed on a laptop for the best results as a mobile device may have range and consistency limitations.
  • Only test one device at a time since using multiple connected devices while performing a test may distort the accuracy of the results.
  • Check the speeds near and far from your router.
  • Test the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands separately to isolate any differences.
  • Run multiple tests (3X per location) to spot normal fluctuations and obtain an average.

Can you test your WiFi speed on your mobile device?

Yes, on your mobile device, click the "go" button above or if you are an Optimum customer and have downloaded the My Optimum App for your Apple or Android device and connect to your router and then simply test your WiFi speed by clicking the MyWiFi link in the app. Areas with weak signal could indicate you need a WiFi extender.


Why are WiFi speed test results different?

There are multiple factors that can influence the real-world WiFi speeds your devices can achieve. These include:

  • The distance between the devices and routers, including any physical obstacles.
  • WiFi standards support.
  • Network congestion from active user devices
  • Router model, firmware, and settings
  • Device adapter, WiFi chipsets, and antennas

Optimum provides this information to help you understand the elements that can explain the speed variations between locations and devices on the same home network.


What to do if your WiFi is slow

While WiFi speeds are impacted by your home’s physical layout and any connected devices, if testing wired directly to your modem consistently shows Internet speeds below those shown by your ISP this indicates a problem that needs addressing with their network.

It is essential that you document your modem tests before raising concerns to your ISP to help troubleshoot any inadequacies.

The best way to ensure your WiFi speed is performing up to par is through periodic testing around your home. Using consistent methods of testing, such as identifying and addressing dead zones, interference issues, and conflicting devices will help provide the best Internet experience for all connected devices.


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