High-speed Internet and Mobile Service Work Together to Help Businesses Operate in the New Normal

Get connected and stay connected – in the office or on the go.

It’s difficult to overstate how much the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the rules of how businesses operate. What started as a dramatic, but seemingly temporary response has evolved into a new cultural reality that will extend well beyond any single state or community quarantine. While this new normal will require a new sense of adaptability in countless different ways, few are as impactful as the normalization of remote work.

With many businesses migrating to at least part-time remote environments, Internet connectivity has become a cornerstone of business operations even in industries that have been slower to embrace the digital revolution. Plus, how businesses consider getting connected in the first place has also changed, and what was originally a matter of providing connectivity at a single location has become a matter of providing connectivity for remote individuals in a wide variety of circumstances. Fixed, high-speed Business Internet is often no longer enough to keep employees connected, and increasingly, mobile data service is playing an outsized role in extending the office experience. Remote workers who need to get online or make business calls need a simple and straight-forward solution to help ensure they don’t miss a beat when it comes to servicing customers. Optimum Business is proud to offer a new limited-time promotion on our Altice Mobile service to help embrace the remote-work revolution and keep remote workers working hard even while away from the office.

Remote Working

Businesses need mobile plans that are reliable, flexible and affordable

The most basic challenge of remote connectivity is consistency, and Altice Mobile offers 99% nationwide coverage to ensure you can stay connected no matter where you are. Even when cellular service is unavailable your Altice Mobile device can get connected from one our over 2 million Optimum WiFi Hotspots . What’s more, even when traveling internationally, your plan will help keep you connected in over 35 other countries including Canada, Mexico and the European Union, without the need to swap your service or SIM card.

To ensure you can make the most of your connectivity, Altice Mobile offers Unlimited Everything, which includes talk, text, and data. Your employees will be able to make and receive business calls without worrying about watching their minutes, and when it comes to data, the Unlimited Everything plan also includes tethering, meaning your mobile device can become a hotspot that provides connectivity to other devices such as a laptop or tablet.

Optimum Business Internet customers can sign up for the Altice Mobile Unlimited Everything plan with exclusive pricing of just $30 per month, per line. This incredible promotion allows your business to get your remote employees connected at price that saves up to 60% compared to other wireless providers, while also offering many of the flexible features they simply cannot match.

The devices you want with flexible payment options.

While good service is key, so is having the right mobile devices to pair with it. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or a new Samsung Galaxy, Altice Mobile offers the newest devices on the market with flexible financing options and no out of pocket costs for qualified customers. This is a great savings when a business is purchasing one phone, but even better when purchasing a device for every member of the team.

Business Mobile Plans

High-speed Internet for the office still matters, too.

Remote work has not yet completely overtaken the office environment, and there’s still a critical role for fixed broadband connectivity to play in supporting the home-base of your business, be it an office, storefront, warehouse, or otherwise. Taking advantage of the $30 per month, per line Altice Mobile promotion requires being an Optimum Internet customer, and we offer competitive rates and blazing speeds to ensure we can provide the complete connectivity package for all your employees, both remote and on-site. Today you can sign up for 200 Mbps Secure Internet from Optimum Business for just $39.95 when bundled with Business Voice. Optimum Business Internet and Voice, and Altice Mobile services work together to allow you and your employees stay connected to your customers under almost any circumstances. We are proud to offer these adaptable communications solutions that can help your business thrive in the new normal without breaking the bank.

Start saving with high-speed Internet and Mobile service from Optimum Business.

Reliability, flexibility, and affordability are the pillars of a successful business connectivity strategy in this new reality we live in. With Altice Mobile and Secure Internet your business will have what it needs to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. Reach out today to discover all the ways our business solutions can help you find your new normal.