Getting Back to Business with High Speed Business Internet and Phone Service

After a challenging spring, the summer has brought a slight air of normalcy. The economy is a bit more stable and many businesses that had been closed have re-opened and are welcoming back customers. We know that the hardship is not over and in these unprecedented times all businesses will continue to face uncertainties as they settle into a new normal. We at Optimum Business are doing what we can to help small business customers by offering special limited-time pricing on high speed business internet with security built in when bundled with business phone.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How small businesses benefit from operating online with high speed business internet
  • How business phone service helps keep you connected with customers
  • How Optimum Business can help small businesses adjust to the new normal
  • How much you can save with our latest special offer

How does a business Internet connection ease the move to operating online?

Due to Covid-19, businesses are operating increasingly remotely. Having a reliable high-speed connection that lets businesses address the digital needs of both customers and employees is more important than ever. E-mail, e-commerce, video conferencing, and any other cloud-connected business technology is only possible with the right connectivity. Choosing the right business Internet means choosing the backbone of your business’ digital strategy; outages or a slow connection can be the difference in gaining or keeping online customers. Furthermore, while speed and reliability are critical to any digital strategy, businesses must also protect themselves from online threats. With numerous people connecting virtually to your business, there are many opportunities for sensitive information to be compromised. To ensure that you can successfully move to an online-based business model, it’s necessary to have a high-speed connection that’s also secure. Not all Internet service providers offer the right balance of speed, reliability and security – but choosing the right Internet provider for your business can make all the difference.

Why is high speed Internet so important right now?

High-speed connectivity has become the cornerstone of our collective new normal, particularly when it comes to keeping up with the changing day-to-day needs of doing business. With businesses operating online more than ever, having the best possible Internet connection is imperative, not only for keeping your business connected to an online audience, but because a customer’s connected experience to your business should be seamless as well. Internet connections should be fast enough to support multiple users internally without interruption or a slow down in speed. A slow connection for customers at your location can mean a poor Internet browsing experience that might make browsing not worth it in the first place, while customers who purchase from you online may have their order delayed because your connection was too slow to receive the order in a timely fashion. Whether a customer has a bad connected experience online or in-store, both can be equally damaging, and a faster Internet speed can fix the problem before it happens.

How does business phone service help get you back to work?

Now more than ever, business phone lines are a critical way to stay connected with customers. Whether it is calling customers to clarify an order or calling a vendor from the road to manage arrangements for a pick up – real live calls are making a comeback. Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cellular mobile devices are the new epicenters of business communication. For customers, having an easy-to-remember number is just as relevant now as having an easy-to-remember URL or business name. Features such as Find Me and Business Voicemail enable businesses to ensure customers never end up waiting on a ringing phone line too long, as well as provide a way to always know who called and what they needed. Best of all, when businesses make the switch to Optimum Business phone service, they can keep their current number so their existing customers can still reach them when they need to without any confusion.

Optimum Business offers special rates for Business Internet and Business Phone to help get businesses rolling again in the post Covid-19 era.

We recognize it has been a challenging few months for all businesses, whether that's meant migrating to an online business model or even temporarily shutting down. To make it a little easier to roll with the changes and challenges, we’re extending a one-time offer when businesses switch to Optimum Business. Now, our 200Mbps Secure Internet offer – which provides the reliability and high speed business Internet you need – is just $69.90 a month. Plus, for just an additional $5 a month, your business can add Business Phone service to keep customers calling. To take advantage of this limited-time offer you can shop online or call 1-866-209-1099. Internet and phone service alone won’t be enough to fully adapt to the new normal, but we are glad to be able to offer competitive and straight-forward rates to help play a role in getting everyone back to business. Though things have been challenging, having the right business tools at the right price is a step in the right direction.