Corktree Fine Wine and Liquor: A Small Business with Big Support

When John Grosso opened Corktree Fine Wine and Liquor in Northport, New York in 2013, he faced many tough business decisions — but choosing an internet provider was not one of them. "I was already an Optimum user at home and knew I needed consistent service I could count on," he says. "Optimum Business was the obvious choice."

Growth through high speed internet connectivity

As a small wine shop that relies on foot traffic, one of Corktree's ongoing challenges is connecting with customers and making sure they return — a process made much easier thanks to Optimum Business.

"This is a brick-and-mortar establishment, but so much of business nowadays is conducted online," Grosso says. Optimum Business Internet provides reliable, high-speed internet allowing Grosso to connect with the local community on social media. And since Optimum Business offers small businesses up to 15 company email addresses, it was easy for Grosso and his staff to add email marketing as a tool to stay in touch with their best customers. "It's all about staying on our customers' minds without being too much of a pain," he says.

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Reliability that protects revenue

According to Grosso, the reliability of the Optimum Same-day Service Guarantee is the biggest difference-maker for his shop. "If there's ever an event like a power failure that causes me to lose service, I know Optimum will start working on my problem the same day," he says.

This peace of mind is invaluable as a small business owner where every dollar counts. "If I lose my internet for an extended period and can't process credit cards, it's an immediate financial effect. Losing even a tenth of the day's revenue is considerable for me," Grosso says. With the importance of every transaction on the line, Optimum Business isn't just helping Grosso stay online — they're helping him stay in business. To learn more about Optimum Business and how we can help your business, call or chat today.