We’re prepared for
severe weather.

Restoring your service quickly is our top priority.

Staying connected during storms is critical. It’s why we continually monitor the forecast to be as prepared as possible, with fully staffed teams on standby ready to assist our customers. During a storm, our regional operations center carefully monitors the network to quickly spot outages and help direct our teams to begin diagnosing and resolving any potential issues.

Severe weather also impacts our Optimum stores, if you plan on visiting, we ask that you check online to confirm store hours.

How can you prepare
for a storm?

When severe weather is on the way, what’s the best way to stay in the know? Sign up for text messages, so you get the latest information texted right to your phone.

How else can
I be ready?

  1. 1. Make sure your devices are charged and have your Optimum ID ready, so you can quickly log into your account to check status updates and find online support.

    Don't have an Optimum ID? Create one.

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    No problem, get a reminder.

  2. 2. Check the settings on important communication channels. So, if you’ve enrolled in getting alerts, make sure your contact information in your profile is correct.

  3. 3. Set up email accounts on your mobile devices using these easy-to-follow instructions: Apple or Samsung devices

What happens when you lose service?

Keeping your service up and running is our goal, but some things are beyond our control. Regardless, we’re ready with a clear restoration roadmap if your service is interrupted.

Service Restoration FAQs

  • Where can I get news and important information?
  • Where can I get more information to make sure I'm ready for a storm or outage?
  • What should I do if my Optimum service is not working?
  • Will I lose my Optimum service if my power is out?
  • If I have power, shouldn't my Optimum service work?
  • Once the power is restored in my home or business, how can I get my service back up and running?
  • Can I install a backup battery for my Optimum modem or Gateway?
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