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We’re committed to inspiring the next generation of innovators through our partnership with FIRST Robotics. Optimum hopes to cultivate STEM skills and encourage an interest in technology fields by supporting local teams, regional events, and more.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Optimum Innovator Awards!

Optimum Innovator
Awards Winners

2023 Community Connectors
Award Winner

When The Full Metal Jackets heard that refugee children from the Ukraine and Middle East who had been relocated to the North TX area, they jumped into action, rallying their community to help. The team ran a LEGO drive to collect & create lego kits for refugees, reinforcing the belief that ANYONE can do STEM.

2023 Inclusion
Award Winner

The O-Bots have made impactful actions to stand behind their belief that STEM is a universal language and every individual deserves equal opportunities in developing skills in any of these fields. They aim to eliminate the language barrier of entry into robotics, by translating Spanish versions of all all their team training guides, and making concerted outreach to ELL classes showing an incredible impact. The team also partners with a local nonprofit to expose special needs students to STEM.

2023 Inspiration
Award Winner

The Rebel Robotics team has consistently proven to be successful in inspiring STEM education to others everywhere. They hold virtual Java and CAD courses for students across the globe, have their own gender-equity initiative, She Has Empowerment (SHE), and work with a local non-profit to create STEM learning opportunities to hospitalized youth with grave illnesses.

2023 Sustainability
Award Winner

In an effort to encourage recylcing in their local community, PARTS developed a game dubbed “RoboCycle” , which not only raises awareness of recycling but also raises interest in the engineering field, and shows children that STEM can be exciting as well as challenging.

2023 Technology
Award Winner

The FeMaidens work extensively to research and obtain cutting-edge technology for their team, and developed an incentive plan with rewards and consequences to meeting goals on schedule. Through research, the team found access to new concepts and resources through open source coding modules and collaborating with others in online forums.

2023 Community Connectors
Runner Up

The Robotalons use the skills they have developed through FIRST to work with organizations to create adaptable toys for children in the special needs community.

2023 Inclusion
Runner Up

THe Pitt Pirates team lives by their mission is to empower and inspire women and gender minorities in STEM fields. Within their team, they foster an inclusive environment for girls that empowers them to pursue areas on the team that are predominantly male driven. Externally, they strive to inspire particpation in STEM activities through a multitude of outreach initiatives and partnerships with local organizations.

2023 Inspiration
Runner Up

The Regal Eagles are committed to making efforts to inspire interest and participation in STEM activities in their community, from working with elementary students to hosting events and programs for other FRC teams in the FIRST community. They have also acted on their goal to share resources to areas that are under-represented in STEM by sending STEM kits internationally.

2023 Sustainability
Runner Up

The Warhawks have made unqiue and successful efforts to operate in an environmentslly sustainable way through a partnership with a local aircraft organization. The team implemented recycling protocols to utilize reusable aluminum and steel from WWII airplanes to build various aspects of the robot.

Celebrating FIRST
Robotics teams with
the Optimum
Innovator Awards

The Optimum Innovator Awards are our way of recognizing and celebrating the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams’ achievements and efforts in areas such as community service, encouraging diversity, developing technology skills, and more. We are proud to celebrate their accomplishments and support their growth with award grants.

Supporting the FIRST
Robotics Competition

Optimum proudly sponsored 57 high school FRC teams and provided 5 regional sponsorships to make these competitions possible in our service areas for the 2023 season.

2023 Optimum-Sponsored FIRST Robotics Teams


See our teams in action

  • NYC TechnoBots

    NY Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado speaking with the TechnoBots in the Bronx during a visit with the team.

  • Plainview POBots

    Giving out some Optimum goodies to the POBots from Plainview-Old Bethpage.

  • Hicksville J-Birds

    Visiting the Hicksville J-Birds at Hicksville High School, joined by NYS Assemblymember Charles Lavine and NYS Senator Steve Rhoads.

  • Norwalk Cybears

    Visit with the Norwalk Cybears, joined by Connecticut State Senator Bob Duff.

  • Great Neck Rebel Robotics

    Catching up with Great Neck Rebel Robotics during the competition at Hofstra.

  • The Pantherbots

    The Pantherbots during a visit from Optimum.

  • Sylva SMART

    SMART team members, excited to get some goodies from Optimum.

  • Batesville BOSS

    BOSS shows off this years robot during a visit with the team.

  • Rockwall Full Metal Jackets

    Full Metal Jackets expressing their appreciation for sponsorship during a team visit.

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