ESign consent for financing contract

E-Sign Act Disclosure and Agreement

Your Consent To Use Electronic Records and Signatures
From time to time, CSC Holdings, LLC and its affiliates or agents (collectively, "we", "us" or "Company") may provide you with certain notices, disclosures or contracts, some of which are required by law to be "in writing".  The federal E-SIGN Act and certain state laws allow us to provide you these written notices, disclosures or contracts electronically with your consent. These laws also allow the use of electronic signatures. Described below are the terms and conditions for providing you such notices, disclosures or contracts electronically as well as to use electronic signatures. This consent relates to any electronic records or signatures associated with any of your Suddenlink services as long as you subscribe to the services, including your subscriber agreement, installment sales agreement, service messages and notices related to product or price changes (collectively, "Electronic Records"). We also reserve the right to provide you notices, disclosures or contracts in paper, even if you have consented to receive Electronic Records.
Please read the information below thoroughly and, if you can access this information electronically to your satisfaction and agree to these terms and conditions, please confirm your acceptance of this agreement by clicking the "I consent to use Electronic Records and Signatures with Suddenlink" button located on the previous page. If you do not agree to use electronic signatures or to receive Electronic Records, click the link indicating you wish to sign on paper.

Right To Have Records Provided On Paper
At any time, you may request from us paper copies of any Electronic Records at no cost to you. You may request delivery of paper copies by contacting (877) 794-2724.  You will also receive an email, which will be sent to the email address you provide us at the time of signature, with a copy of your Retail Installment Contract.

Right To Withdraw Your Consent To Receive Electronic Records; Consequences
If you agree to receive Electronic Records, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and at no cost to you. You must inform us of your decision by contacting (877) 794-2724. If you elect to receive records only in paper format, or refuse to sign electronically, it may slow down the speed at which you receive documents or information about your account or services.

Your Contact Information
If you elect to receive Electronic Notices, you must keep your email address up to date.  Other than your Retail Installment Contract, which will be sent to the email address you provide us at the time of signature, we reserve the right to send Electronic Records to any email address that we have on file for you. You may change that email address at any time by calling (877) 794-2724.

We reserve the right to provide any Disclosures in writing, rather than electronically. Except as otherwise provided in this or other agreements, by law, or on our website, you cannot give us notices electronically, and all notices from you must be in writing. In order to receive the Disclosures electronically, you will need a working connection to the Internet and an active email address. If you wish to print Disclosures, you will also need access to a suitable printer. If future technology changes necessitate heightened computer system requirements to continue electronic access to Disclosures, we will give you at least 30 days notice of any such change and the option to withdraw your consent to electronic Disclosures without incurring any fees or charges, following the procedures outlined herein.

Acknowledgement Of Your Access And Consent To Electronic Records
By consenting to use electronic records and signatures, you agree that

  • You were able to read this electronic E-SIGN ACT DISCLOSURE AND AGREEMENT
  • You were able to print on paper or electronically save this agreement for your future reference or you were able to email this disclosure to an address where you will be able to print on paper and save it for future reference.
  • You have an active email address on file with Company and confirm that you have the hardware and/or software described above.
  • Until you notify Company as described above, you consent to receive electronically any records, notices, agreements or disclosures made to me by Company during the course of your relationship with Company.
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