The next evolution
of WiFi is here.

Introducing Smart WiFi 6. A supercharged WiFi experience
with up to 3X faster speeds and greater coverage.
Now available with Optimum's new Gateway 6.

The WiFi
upgrade primed
for today’s virtual world & beyond.


Give your devices the
WiFi they deserve.

You’re investing in the latest devices and technology, but what may not come to mind is that those devices will only perform as well as the WiFi that’s powering them.

Introducing Smart WiFi 6 – now available with Optimum’s new Gateway 6. It’s the WiFi upgrade your devices need to perform their best, even in the busiest of households. We’ll tell you how.

WiFi that makes
everything better.

WiFi that makes
everything better.

WiFi that makes
everything better.

WiFi that makes
everything better.

Smart WiFi 6 delivers WiFi speeds up to 1 Gig that are up to 3X faster than the previous technology. It’s built to handle greater network capacity and in turn is able to more quickly and efficiently pass data through to your devices.
Smart WiFi 6 is primed to handle increased WiFi activity and bandwidth, so its able to power more devices at once. Connections between your Gateway to your devices are more seamless, so you experience a more reliable connection throughout your home even in busy households and congested areas.
Enjoy faster speeds on all of your devices with less lag and quicker response times – so you can stream, video call and game better and more seamlessly than ever.
Smart WiFi 6 was built using smart technology so all of your devices perform better. It’s also compatible with the latest devices to conserve battery life by intelligently telling them when to put their WiFi to sleep mode and when to be active. By reducing unnecessary data activity, your device’s battery life is prolonged.
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