Perfomance tips:
what affects speeds?

Many things can affect the speed of your in-home WiFi network. Here's a quick look at the top factors affecting WiFi speed, and tips to keep your speed up.


Time of day can affect your speed. Internet rush hour is the busiest time on the web across the country and the increase in Internet traffic can cause slowness.


Speed is shared. Every device connected to your network will decrease the available bandwidth for other devices that are using the network at the same time.


Processors, hard drives, amount of RAM, applications running, and even the presence of spyware or viruses, impact the speed at which your device can process Internet data.


WiFi is a convenient way to get online, but it’s not always the fastest. Your router’s distance and height from the ground, the nearness of other electronics like microwaves, cordless phones or Bluetooth devices, and physical obstructions, can all impact speeds.

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