Chat, talk and carry on with clarity and reliability from Optimum Voice.

With Optimum Voice home phone service, enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling anytime, to anywhere in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands all for one low, flat monthly rate. Plus, you get Free 411 and over 20 useful calling features at no extra charge. It’s an easy call to make.

Call around the world with International calling.

Stay connected to family and friends around the world with our low international calling rates. Call over 65 destinations for as low as 2 cents per minute. Plus, our remote dial capability allows you to make international calls from any phone away from home, including your mobile phone or work phone. So, go ahead, there’s no reason not to pick up the phone.

Home Phone? We’ve got your number.

Your phone number can stay the same – but everything else gets an upgrade, starting with the latest voice technology, HD, for less background noise and sharper quality sound.  And you won’t have to rewire because we connect you via your existing phone jacks.  Plus, if you have Optimum TV you’ll also have Caller ID right on your TV screen.

Enhanced 911. Unlimited 411.

With Enhanced 911, Emergency Services will be provided with all your information in the event you are unable to speak when you call. Need directory assistance?  411 calls are free and unlimited.

Manage your home phone from anywhere.

Stay connected to your home phone from anywhere with your own personalized Optimum Voice homepage. Log into your homepage from any device to check your voicemail, set up calling features, view your call history and more. You can even schedule to receive voicemail text alerts and email notifications wherever you roam. 

As life changes, it’s easy to add an additional phone line.

Maybe it’s a growing family or maybe a new roommate – sometimes you just need another phone line. Add up to 3 extra phone lines to your existing service for just $14.95 each per month. Each new line includes unlimited local and long-distance calling and all of the 20 useful calling features.

Power outage? We’ve got backup.

Optimum Voice uses your home’s electricity to power your cable modem and your home phone service. In the case of a power outage, Optimum Voice won’t operate, so we offer a battery backup that connects to your cable modem to provide standby power and uninterrupted voice service – including emergency 911. Battery backups are available at an additional cost at

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