With Internet speeds up to 400 Mbps - there's a speed that's perfect for every budget and every digital lifestyle.


Up to400Mbps

Optimum 400

If you want our best, Optimum 400 is for you. This speed is primed for handling the heaviest network usage activities.

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Up to300Mbps

Optimum 300

Stream 4K UHD on multiple devices like never before - all while your connected home devices run in the background.

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Up to200Mbps

Optimum 200

Welcome to a seamlessly connected experience. This speed is perfect for multi-device HD streaming and multi-player gaming.

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Learn more about Altice Advantage Internet here.

Wired connection. WiFi speeds may vary. Details at optimum.com/speedfactors.

Optimum's award-winning high-speed Internet

According to the FCC, Optimum's Internet 
download speeds outperform Verizon Fios.*

According to ACSI, Optimum’s Internet was rated
#1 in customer satisfaction and #1 in reliability.**

Netflix continually ranks Optimum 
Internet as one of their top Internet 
speed providers.***

Optimum delivers smooth playback 
when watching your favorite 
high-definition YouTube videos.

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WiFi Network

Stay connected away from home at over 2 million WiFi Hotspots – including train stations, restaurants, parks and more.

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Stay safe online with cloud-based, multi-device protection from online threats like viruses and malware.

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