Stay connected and save up to $50 per month on your Internet

The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

Optimum is proudly supporting the communities we serve by participating in the FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, to help keep you connected affordably. If you qualify and depending on the speed you choose, your Internet could be FREE with a $50 monthly credit.

Plus taxes, fees, and charges


Only eligible households may enroll. Benefit is up to $75/month in Tribal lands.


How do I get the Emergency Broadband Benefit?

Get approved by the National Verifier

First, get approved by the National Verifier. Make sure that the person applying is the same person used on your Optimum account.

Get verified

Become an Optimum customer

In order to take advantage of the Emergency Broadband Benefit with Optimum, you must be a customer. If you are already an Optimum customer, proceed to step 3.

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Apply your benefit to your Optimum account

Fill out our application online, upload your approval letter from the National Verifier within 45 days, and we will let you know by email if you are qualified for the discount.

Apply for benefit

Watch the savings appear on your bill

After you have been approved by the National Verifier and Optimum, you will receive a monthly discount on your bill. This will take up to two billing cycles after you are approved through Optimum.

Do I qualify?

These are eligible groups based on U.S. Federal Government rules:
  • Lifeline eligible
  • Laid off or furloughed since February 29, 2020
  • Free or reduced school lunch or breakfast eligible
  • Pell Grant recipient
  • New York City resident attending New York City public school
If you are in one of these groups, you could save up to $50/mo. on the cost of your Internet service.

For complete terms and conditions, visit

To learn more about all the ways we are working to keep our customers and communities connected, visit

How does the program work?

How does the program work?

How does the program work?

How does the program work?

Through the FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, the U.S. Federal Government is now offering a subsidy to help pay for Internet service to eligible households impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. If you or someone in your household is in one of the qualifying groups, based on Federal Government rules, you may be eligible to receive a monthly discount of up to $50/mo. to help pay for your Internet service.

For complete terms and conditions, visit

Apply now!
If you’re currently an Optimum customer and meet at least one of the eligibility criteria listed, all you need to do is apply.

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If you’re not an Optimum customer and meet at least one of the criteria listed, simply sign up for Internet service – your account number will be emailed to you, then you can apply. Click here to find the right Internet speed for you.

North Carolina residents that aren’t Optimum customers can call 888.855.9036 to find the Internet service that meets your needs.

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Based on U.S. Federal Government rules, your monthly credit will continue until either the federal funding for this program expires, or 6 months from the date that the Federal Government declares the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency, whichever occurs first. When the program ends, your bill will continue to reflect the services and pricing as of that date, without this additional credit. If you are having trouble paying your bill, please call us at any time to review available options to lower your bill.

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