Don’t settle for 5G Home Internet when you can get Optimum Fiber Internet.

The truth about 5G Home Internet

Using 5G for home Internet results in slower speeds and lagging, with inconsistent speeds that dip during peak hours when you need it most.
5G Home Internet speed relies on the same cell towers as 5G mobile devices. This means they’re essentially competing for capacity with cell users, and impacted by obstructions such as buildings, trees, and inclement weather.

The Optimum difference

Optimum Fiber is the fastest Fiber Internet with speeds up to 8 Gig and up to 32x faster than 5G Home Internet. Wired directly into your home, you get the fastest possible speeds and peace of mind.


5G Home Internet

Speeds up to 8 Gig

Wired connection straight
into your home

Consistent speeds even during
peak hours

Don’t settle for 5G Home Internet –
stay connected with Optimum Fiber Internet 
and experience 99.9% reliability

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