Healthcare solutions in the form of secure Internet, reliable phone services, TV packages and more.

The business part of your healthcare business IT system

Security, connectivity and safety are some of the most important aspects of great healthcare. These facets build trust and save lives. So Optimum Business offers a secure WiFi network that allows you constant connection and enables you to promptly and accurately care for your patients. We offer phone systems that are easy to set up and extremely reliable, and TV solutions to keep your patients entertained and feeling at home.


Secure Business Internet

Share confidential information with your fellow medical professionals over a secure network.

Business Phone

Maintain clear connections 24/7 with simple and efficient phone systems.

Business TV Packages

Help your patients feel at home by choosing the TV package that fits your clientele.



We’ll repair or replace malfunctioning devices and protect your current and future devices too with our Premier Protection & Support plan.


Get connected to our U.S.-based virtual help desk with our mobile app, included in our Premier Technical Support plan.


Get priority access to customer service for just $9.99 a month with our Service Protection plan.

Government Funding for Telehealth

Optimum Business is committed to helping you navigate government programs for connected care services, including the Covid-19 Telehealth Program.


Our team of connectivity specialists is here to help you understand eligible services and find the internet and data solutions to meet your telehealth needs. 

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Leading-edge, customized solutions for every business

A local, dedicated team of experts who understand your business

Personalized assistance that’s there when you need it 24/7/365

Innovative products and services backed by our reliable network

Getting set up is fast and easy with little or no downtime for you

No annual contract, plus a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee

Our team of local specialists will help you find the best Internet, Phone and TV package for your business needs.

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Medical information technologies and healthcare technology solutions that work

Your patients visit your healthcare facility, hospital, or clinic because they are confident they are receiving quality and confidential care from trained professionals, including doctors, nurses, and technicians. But is their data protected in the same way? And what about the private information of your employees? Optimum Business's healthcare and medical information technologies give your healthcare business the peace of mind it deserves. Because while you are in the business of saving lives and managing patient care, Optimum Business is in the business of digital protection and enablement. Together, we can make your facility or clinic excel in ways you have not yet considered. Internet is a critical cornerstone to any meaningful healthcare network solution. After all, HIPAA regulations have mandated that all patient information be made electronically available. And while that may have taken your administrative team a lot of time to sort and scan, who’s protecting that information now that it’s digital? Optimum Business's healthcare technology solutions takes care of this for you.


Clinics, hospitals, and healthcare facilities trust Optimum Business's healthcare IT solutions

When a patient visits your ER room with a life-threatening emergency, the protection of their private information – including demographic details and health insurance profiles – is, naturally, the last thing on their minds. It’s also far from the minds of the highly trained staff that treat that patient. It isn’t because these people don’t prioritize information privacy – it’s simply because they are not technology professionals. But Optimum Business is. Our healthcare IT solutions enable the safe and reliable transmission and storage of private information and data, allowing your staff to focus on treating patients. With solutions that meet every healthcare facility size and budget, it’s no wonder we are the leading provider of medical and healthcare information technologies. Contact a sales representative today to learn more.