Business technology solutions and managed services for your company, regardless of your industry.


Serving your customers is at the heart of any successful business. Our hospitality solutions help you welcome even more customers.

With our previous provider there would be times when the power might have gone out or there was an issue with the service, and they wouldn’t be there when I needed them. Now with Optimum Business, there’s always someone there." Emma Dean Rivera, Empower Nutrition


Help attract and retain customers with best-in-class WiFi, TV, and digital advertising. Find technology and business services specifically for retail. 

When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 there were trees down everywhere. We were renting generators, pumps, etc. The only reason we were able to get anything [rented] out was because we were still able to communicate with our customers because Optimum Business kept providing their services." Nick O’Donnel, Homecraft Rental


The Healthcare industry increasingly relies on technology to help save lives and improve patient comfort. Our reliable network solutions ensure medical offices stay secure and connected so medical professionals can focus on their most important work - helping others.

We're the largest plastic surgery group in the country. Customer service is a huge factor in choosing who we do business with.” Dr. Ruotolo, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group


We offer secure and flexible connections that drive productivity and help you serve your public sector constituents and stakeholders.

I operate with a small team, but having Optimum Business on my team has been wonderful. The installation was effortless, and they came when they said they would.” Linda Verde, Budd Lake, NJ


Offering professional services means having the tools and technology you need to provide a great customer experience. We offer the services you need to stay connected and engaged with your community.

On Fridays we have telemarketing day, everybody’s making a hundred phone calls… Having a reliable phone system and a reliable network allows us to make close to a thousand calls from our group on any given Friday.” Tim Houliha, American Document Solutions


Leading-edge, customized solutions for every business.
A local, dedicated team of experts who understand your business.
Personalized assistance that’s there when you need it 24/7/365.
Innovative products and services backed by our reliable network.
Getting set up is fast and easy with little or no downtime for you.
No annual contract, plus a no-risk 60-day money back guarantee.


Our solutions will help guide you through complex IT agendas, and keep you confidently connected.

Need internet for your business? Explore Optimum Business solutions

When businesses need internet, Optimum Business's cutting-edge, state-of-the-art business internet is the first stop. Across every industry, Optimum Business caters to every size and type of business, equipping them with the necessary internet, phone, and TV equipment and service plans to grow and maintain their company. Optimum Business's solutions for businesses are popular and well-known for the same day service guarantee we offer. We understand how critical internet, phone, and TV access are to companies, which is why we’ll get you set up the same day you call us. And if you already have accounts with us and are experiencing technical difficulties, we offer same day guarantee for that, too. Your accounts are supported by 24/7, 365 days a year reliable technical support representatives who are experts at remotely troubleshooting your accounts and solving issues quickly. That’s internet that you can truly rely on.


Business internet is just one of Optimum Business solutions

We want you to know that becoming a hotspot – and attracting the many customers that come with it – is easier than you think. If you want to make your business more popular, turn your location, or locations, into Optimum Business WiFi hotspots – and at no additional cost! This is just another level of service we offer with our business solutions. It’s true – customers are more likely to frequent a business that offers wifi over one that doesn’t. Optimum Business empowers you to capture that business! And while it’s great to attract more foot traffic, we understand that your internet is also the tool that keeps you connected to your business itself, managing employees and operating day-to-day procedures. Contact an Optimum Business representative and learn how easy – and fast – it is to set up internet for your business. Also discuss with them the full menu of services we offer under Optimum Business solutions for different industries.

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