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The Top 6 Reasons Small Businesses Need Managed WiFi Solutions


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When it comes to seamlessly and successfully running a small business, WiFi is high on the list of priority services that must be secure, effective, and, perhaps most of all, endlessly reliable.

As a small business that’s looking to grow and scale on a schedule, being in the know about tech solutions that could help you reach those goals faster and more efficiently can ultimately end up being an enormous helping hand in that process.

With the right tools, you can grow your business, achieve the scalability you desire, and reach more people in more efficient ways—but that all starts with figuring out what exactly the right tools are in the first place.

That’s where services like managed WiFi come into play.

Managed WiFi can be the stepping-stone that takes a small business from startup to success, but what exactly is managed WiFi in the first place? And further, how do managed WiFi services actually take small businesses to the next level?

If you’re wondering those exact questions, then you’re in the right place. This article is going to take a good, hard look at some of the basics behind managed WiFi—then, we’re going to dive even deeper into the specific reasons managed WiFi makes substantial differences!

Ready to learn more? Keep reading for a managed WiFi 101 guide that is sure to help you break down everything you need to know about managed WiFi services.

What is Managed WiFi?

Let’s start this guide off with the answer we’re all looking for—what exactly is managed WiFi? A basic definition is the perfect place to begin.

Managed WiFi is a type of wireless internet network service that enables a small business—that’s you—to provide access and a strong connection to a WiFi network. Ultimately, when you pick an internet provider that offers managed WiFi services, you should experience improved performance, a more secure connection, and better service for your employees, residents, guests, and beyond.

This type of WiFi is typically a service provided by your internet provider—it offers you the opportunity to manage all of your WiFi connectors’ experiences, ensure faster speeds, guarantee the best performance, and even provide more secure, faster internet experiences for everyone connected.

One of the best ways to really understand the power of managed WiFi services is to take a closer look at what unmanaged WiFi is. Typically, unmanaged WiFi is what you’d experience at home—a router you use to browse the internet and access from points around your house.

Often unmanaged WiFi works perfectly fine for residential needs. But with unmanaged WiFi in a small business environment, you can experience weaker signals, slow loading times, and regularly interrupted internet connectivity.

Managed WiFI, on the other hand, enables you to bring your business connectivity to new professional heights. You can have separate guest and private connections, content filtering controls, control your marketing data, rely on seamless connectivity, and, depending on the small business managed WiFi partner you choose, have your provider run all of your WiFi services seamlessly behind the scenes.

Choosing to invest in Managed WiFi services is one of the ways you can begin to take control of your WiFi as a small business as it can offer benefits like:

  • Cost-effective rates
  • Peak productivity
  • Reliability
  • In-depth monitoring and reporting
  • Scalable growth made easy
  • Improved WiFi experiences

The Top 6 Reasons Every Small Business Needs Managed WiFi Solutions

The concept of Managed WiFi is a winner—but is the application really as beneficial as we claim? If you’re asking our specific opinion, then yes. But we know how it goes—you’re looking for tangible evidence that managed WiFi makes a difference. And that’s precisely what we intend to provide.

We’ve laid out the top six reasons we believe every small business should invest in managed WiFi solutions.

Reliable WiFi Is a Requirement

Even as recently as a few years ago, having reliable and secure connectivity for your small business was a luxury—fast forward to our technologically advanced modern world and that’s no longer the case. Now, reliable, secure, and speedy internet connectivity is a requirement—for you, for your employees, and for your customers, too.

You need access to guest and private WiFi, an all-access portal that allows for internet branding, content filtering, and multiple access points. Reliable WiFi that’s always consistent is precisely what’s necessary to connect you and your customers in meaningful, necessary ways.

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Seamless Connectivity & IT Support Offer Next-Level Reliability

This is crucial when it comes to scalability. Not only do you need to ensure your guests have access to reliable internet they can always count on, but you also need access to continuous and continued connectivity that’s constantly evolving to provide you with new technology that enables you to scale and grow your business.

The Benefit of Additional Business Tools is Immeasurable

With additional in-depth monitoring and reporting tools, you’ll be able to access detailed accounts that help you gain insight into your network utilization, your performance, your customer metrics, and other tallies that can help you make data-driven business decisions about your WiFi services.

Improved Internet Connectivity and WiFi Experience for All

WiFi is now a crucial piece of customer experience—that means bad WiFi often leaves customers with the impression of bad customer service. Getting your customers online—in a few, easy steps as possible—is your mission. With managed WiFi, you can create easy sign-in portals for your customers so they never have to hunt for WiFi passwords. Further, you can offer them smooth experiences with managed bandwidth so that everyone has fair and fast access to internet connections.

Cost-Effective Pricing

While every company’s budgets and bottom lines are different, managed WiFi can offer cost-saving benefits that are business internet services simply cannot. For example, if you invest in managed WiFi services that include IT services and tech experts, you can easily cut out other third-party repair teams that would charge additional (and potentially exorbitant) fees. Further, you can reduce your own costs by outsourcing your IT and internet needs instead of creating an in-house team. While upfront costs can be higher than other services, ultimately, the cost of included, continued maintenance and support can save you money in the long run.

Improved Security Benefits

If you’re not necessarily a WiFi or network security expert, it can be exceptionally easy to end up with security breaches and leaks that could potentially devastate your small business. Managed WiFi services tend to include teams that focus solely on fortifying and monitoring the security of your connections. Further, your team will work with you through every phase of your managed WiFi service—from installation and beyond—to ensure your connection is secured from start to finish.

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