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Guide to Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business

Planning your marketing budget and allocation of financial resources is an important task for any business—but especially small businesses. You want to reach current and potential clients in targeted, meaningful ways to drive results. But with a host of tools and technology at your disposal, it’s hard to know what’s worth it and what isn’t. 

Here, we’ll dive into the world of text message marketing for small businesses and help you decide if it’s the right tool for you. Optimum Business is committed to helping your small business thrive with Internet and business solutions. 

Why Use Text Message Marketing?

Using text messages to connect with clients and customers can give you a direct line of communication and a personalized way to share targeted communications. SMS messaging is a great way to share news, discounts, appointment reminders, and other relevant messages via text. 

SMS marketing can also amplify email marketing, push notifications, and drive traffic to other channels.

But don’t just take our word for it. There are some impressive stats around SMS marketing for small businesses. 

Person sat in front of their computer while holding their phone
  • 75% of clients want to receive offers via SMS.
  • The click-through rate (CTR) for offer messages outperforms all other digital channels by 9%.
  • SMS has a 98% open rate compared to email marketing.
  • 60% of customers read texts within 1-5 minutes after receiving them.


Types of Businesses That Use Text Message Marketing and Why


SMS marketing is a great choice for almost any small business, from restaurants to retail outlets and nonprofits. As a small business, it’s important to engage with your customers in a meaningful way. Use your size and agility to your advantage. Remember, a big box business can’t offer personal touches in the same way small businesses can. Wondering what the benefits of text messaging are? Here are reasons to choose text messages for your business:

  • Foster positive and personal relationships with customers. 
  • Retarget abandoned cart visitors. 
  • Send personalized promotions like birthday deals. 
  • Directly engage with members of your loyalty program.
  • Offer immediate customer service rather than using a bot service. 

Text Message Marketing Tips

Here are three tips for successfully growing your business through text message marketing. 

1. Be thoughtful in what you write 

Remember that text message copy is an extension of your brand, so messages need to ladder up to your core message. Spend time and care on this copy like you would a social media post, website copy, or advertisement. 

2. Drive engagement with a CTA 

End your message with a strong CTA (call to action) phrase. Examples of an action-based CTA are encouraging customers to click on a link, visit your retail locations, or use a discount code. If your discount or deal is time sensitive, speak with a sense of urgency. 

3. Use images smartly 

Images are a great way to get additional copy into the overall SMS message without taking up character space. Consider adding a banner with sale details or showcasing items from the latest collection. Don’t force it, and only add images where relevant. 

Text Message Compliance Tips

Before launching an SMS marketing campaign, you need to understand SMS marketing laws. Here’s what you need to know before getting started. 

1.Give customers a straightforward way to opt out

It must be easy for people to stop receiving text messages from your small business. One common way is the “Reply STOP to opt-out of future messages” line. You’ll need automation set up to remove people who text back STOP. 

2. Only text people who subscribed 

Plain and simple: never text people who haven’t consented to receive text messages from your business.

3.Seek legal advice 

You should consult with an attorney to ensure your SMS program is legally compliant.

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