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The Must-Know Business Benefits of Business Fiber Internet

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When it comes to running a scalable, successful enterprise, there are few resources more important than a reliable, flexible, and fast Internet connection.

But truthfully, if your enterprise has a high demand for cutting-edge technology, you’re likely in the market for next-level technology.

What exactly does that next-level technology look like from an enterprise perspective?

Business fiber Internet.

If that term is new to you—or if you know what fiber is but aren’t quite sure what exactly fiber is—then this blog is the perfect jumping-off point to build your foundational knowledge.

Fiber network solutions offer so many benefits and advantages to mid-to-large-scale enterprises and can often easily be the fine-line difference that takes an enterprise from okay to exceptional. If you’ve ever wondered what business fiber Internet is, why it matters, and how it can actually benefit your enterprise in tangible ways, this blog is the perfect place to begin.

Keep reading to learn more about business fiber services that could change the way your enterprise operates.

What Exactly is Fiber to the Premise Internet?

To best understand fiber to the premise Internet—often just referred to as FTTP—it’s best to first have a clear understanding of what business fiber Internet is, so let’s start there. Business fiber Internet, sometimes just shortened to “fiber,” is a type of Internet connection that depends on the use of fiber-optic cables that send light and lasers to transmit data.

Unlike traditional copper cables, fiber optic cables tend to be stronger, more reliable, and can transmit data much faster than their predecessor. A fairly new type of Internet solution, fiber networks are exceptional at carrying light over long distances without distortions, ensuring a premium connection that’s reliable, faster, and flexible.

With that in mind, we can tackle the question, “what exactly is fiber to the premise (FTTP) Internet?”

FTTP is simply a type of fiber that’s run directly to your enterprise—in other words, your fiber connection will go straight to you instead of being diverted like FTTC (fiber to the cabinet) connections, where fiber cables are run to a central optic connection, then diverted to your enterprise using traditional copper wires.

How Fiber Network Solutions Can Enhance Your Enterprise

Just by its definition, it’s obvious that fiber cables and fiber Internet solutions can offer your enterprise a multitude of advantages—the cables are physically stronger, the connection is far more reliable, and the speeds are second-to-none. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fiber-optic advantages, and more so, just the beginning of how investing in fiber network solutions could dramatically improve and elevate your enterprise and how it does business.

Seamless Symmetric Speed

While this might not be the most crucial benefit that fiber network solutions can offer, it’s certainly one of the most unique. Business fiber Internet can offer seamless symmetric speed—in other words, fiber-optic Internet allows users to have equivalent upload and download speeds.

This might not seem important right off the bat, but if you or your employees have ever been frustrated by your ability to download documents in minutes and simultaneously inability to upload a presentation over the course of several hours, then you know how valuable this capability is. Because most users download more often than upload, Internet providers tend to prioritize bandwidth to download speeds. But enterprises are different—and with these different needs in mind, upload speeds are just as important.

Because fiber-optic Internet speed is so advanced (we’ll get to that part next), slow upload time isn’t a concern. Overloading the system isn’t a problem, and that makes it easier to upload faster, share files, and simplify work with fiber optic services.

And, Well, Speed in General

Arguably the biggest benefit of fiber network solutions, speed is unquestionably incomparable. Fiber optic Internet speeds—depending on your provider and connection—are typically 10-20 times speeder than 50-100 Mbps cable that most of us are used to.

If you’re wondering why speed is important in an enterprise setting, you likely don’t work with or for an enterprise. It’s been noted that reliable, fast Internet is one of the most necessary tools for employees within an enterprise to be productive. Without reliable, fast Internet, employees experience downtime, declines in productivity, and delays. With fast, reliable Internet, your enterprise can experience more streamlined, successful workflows.

Revolutionary Reliability

There’s nothing quite so devastating as your Internet connection going out. As we mentioned earlier when we discussed speed, lagging connections, and unreliable Internet can be a huge time waster and productivity crushers. But because fiber optic cables can handle more users and more data at consistently higher speeds, you can count on your fiber Internet to be there when you need it.

Flexible Bandwidth Capabilities & Less Overload Opportunities

If you’ve ever heard the word “throttling” come up in your enterprises’ day-to-day, then this is likely one of the most impactful benefits of all. Experiencing an “Internet overload” due to the number of connected devices and users can be incredibly frustrating, but it’s likely something we’ve all experienced.

With traditional Internet, the higher the demand, the harder your Internet will work—that’s why eventually, your Internet provider will throttle your network to help prevent outages that overload your network. This means you’ll experience slower, less reliable Internet during these peak times. Fiber optic Internet doesn’t throttle because of its incredible speed—a factor that makes it far less susceptible to overload (therefore eliminating the need to throttle).

Advanced Cloud Access

Because fiber Internet is so reliable and fast, your enterprise could experience faster access to your data and applications that you’d like to store in the cloud. As we’ve mentioned before, your bandwidth capabilities with fiber are dramatically improved. With any luck, your business fiber Internet provider will be able to provide you with a multitude of streamlined cloud services that work in conjunction with your speedy, reliable, advanced Internet.

Optimize Your Enterprise with Business Fiber Internet

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Have questions? We’ve got answers. Reach out to one of the experts on our Optimum Business team for insight, advice, and even guidance on your journey toward selecting the perfect business fiber network solution for your enterprise. It’s our mission to ensure that your enterprise is as scalable, successful, and streamlined as possible.