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International Business TV—Why It Matters For Your Small Business

It’s no secret that there’s a lot going on in the world lately. With 2020 behind us, there’s no denying last year has taught us something important—staying informed is crucial. With the coming of the new year, there’s never been a more important time to double-down on the lessons 2020 has taught us and use that knowledge to improve our businesses.

Among those lessons? The importance of International Business TV for your small business—no matter the size of your company or the industry you’re in.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to ensure that your small business is doing all that it can to offer global support and awareness—and that certainly includes the TV packages your small business offers customers and employees alike. By allowing your customers and your employees access to international TV options, you’re doing your part to help each and every person who plays a part in your business to be informed and feel valued, ultimately fostering a relationship with those people. And at the end of the day, that’s an impactful part of what small businesses can offer.

It might seem like a contradiction for small businesses with an emphasis on local commerce to invest their hard-earned dollars into a more global approach, but this strategy can be hugely impactful for your company. But why exactly do international business TV packages benefit your small business, and further, when it comes time to partner with a TV provider for those packages, how can you tell you’re making the right choice?

We’re here to help unravel and uncomplicate all of those burning questions. Keep reading to learn more about the big benefits of international business TV packages for small businesses and how you can seamlessly choose the perfect TV provider as your partner.

Why Your Small Business Should Invest in International Business TV Solutions

Stay Informed on What’s Happening in the World

Knowing what’s happening all over the world has never been more important. With a global pandemic affecting every corner of the world and all sorts of new regulations and rules being put into place, it’s critical that not only are you up-to-date on what’s happening in the world, but also that your customers have a reliable place to turn to for that information as well.

As a small business, it’s vital to be a foundation for your clients to foster good relationships—if they know that your small business offers international TV options, and further, they know that you care about their ability to be informed. Coupled together, that’s a powerful tool for a small business.

Serve Clients from All Cultural Ranges

If your business serves clients and customers that are culturally diverse and of varying nationalities, then offering international business TV channels and packages can ensure they never feel removed from the news. A wide variety of options can ensure that our customers and employees are able to enjoy familiar, native content from your business location—even if they’re far from home.

Open Up a New Range of Options

Admittedly, this reason might not be as top of mind if you’re a small business trying to delegate funds as efficiently as possible. That being said, opening up your TV offerings to a range of new international genres from a variety of locations (from China and Greece to Africa, Brazil, and beyond) can open up a new range of genres that act as cultural and educational opportunities.

Your image as a small business is important—international business TV can help really enforce the message that you’re there to serve your multi-cultural, multi-lingual customers as well as present opportunities for others to learn and grow through your offerings.

What to Look For in a Top-Notch International Business TV Solution

A Wide Variety of Options & Packages

While just adding on any international TV packages can be useful, the old adage holds true—the more the merrier. If you can locate a business partner who offers a handful of well-established, top-notch international business TV packages, hold onto them and don’t let go.

For example, at Optimum Business, we offer our clients the choice of up to 16 international packages to ensure that no matter where your customers are from, they’ll always feel close to home. Some of our package options include:

  • Optimum En Espanol
  • Optimum Africa
  • Optimum Arabic
  • Optimum Brazilian
  • Optimum Caribbean
  • Optimum Chinese
  • Optimum Filipino
  • Optimum French
  • Optimum German
  • Optimum Greek
  • Optimum Israeli
  • Optimum Italian
  • Optimum Japanese
  • Optimum Korean
  • Optimum Polish
  • Optimum Portuguese
  • Optimum Punjabi
  • Optimum South Asian
  • Optimum Premier South Asian

Basic Offerings In Addition to More Complex Packages

By this, we mean you need access to all sorts of options to ensure that you’re able to adapt to our ever-changing world. Most often, this means access to news—and this means local news, national news, and international news.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just offer a basic cable package that connects you to your local news channels. While that’s certainly a necessity, it’s simply not enough—you need a package that offers you news on all scopes, from local to global. A quality international business TV partner can offer you packages that include basic offerings (like local news) with the options to expand access (into national and international news channels) to ensure you always know what’s going on in the world.

Affordable Rates

As a small business, it’s crucial to monitor your bottom line—you deserve a wide variety of options for international business TV that won’t break the bank. At Optimum Business, we offer international packages starting at $29.95 per month—but there’s always opportunity to add-on more channels later on should your needs expand.

Growing Your Business with International TV Solutions—We Can Help

Through the challenges of the pandemic and beyond, Optimum Business is here to be a solid foundation of assistance as you press on, grow your business, and thrive. If you’re looking to add international TV solutions or packages to your small business offerings, we can help. At Optimum, we’re proud to provide you with those options (and more).

Reach out to our team for a wide variety of international TV channels and package options to help expand your offerings today. No matter what the rest of the year (or the new year) might bring, Optimum Business can promise you reliable and expansive International TV options!

Have questions about how we can help? Contact us today! Our representatives are standing by with information, answers, and encouragement—give us a call now at 866-209-1099 to learn more!