Four Things Your Small Business Needs to Know About LTE Internet Backup

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As a small business, you do everything you can to put the power back in your hands.

When you wanted to keep your brick-and-mortar shop safe, you invested in video cameras and a security system. When you wanted to ensure your clients and employees had access to the fastest internet, you opted for a small business internet plan that could do that and more. And when you decided to enhance the way you dealt with customer service, you upgraded your business phone plan.

There’s no denying it—the best defense for a small business is a great offense. You’re prepared, you’re proactive, and you’re positive that you’ve got everything under control.

But what about your internet connection?

Sure, you probably work with a great provider who has your back, but did you know that there are things that aren’t just out of your control, but out of your provider’s too?

It’s true. Power outages, traffic accidents, construction issues, and natural disasters can all rear their ugly heads out of nowhere. And while we certainly don’t spend time expecting these issues to arise, the truth is, they could happen at any moment.

And when they do, you’ve got to ask yourself—what happens when your internet goes out?

If you don’t have an answer, that’s OK—we’re actually here to usher in a solution that we believe could be the plan B every small to mid-sized business needs to maximize control of their internet’s continuity.

That backup plan? We call it Internet failover service.

What is LTE Internet Backup? Understanding Internet Failover Service

Internet failover service—sometimes called LTE internet backup or just internet backup—is actually exactly what it sounds like—a backup plan that keeps your internet rolling even when something interrupts it.

In other words, LTE failover is a cellular network that kicks in if your internet should ever fail. This ensures continuity and connection no matter what’s going on—from power outages to construction incidents and beyond.

Because a lot of small businesses rely on traditional internet formats like cable and DSL, connectivity vulnerabilities exist. And that means that companies can sometimes experience gaps in their coverage when something unexpected happens.

How exactly does this whole LTE backup thing work? Well, typically, when you invest in backup services, you invest in an LTE router that works in conjunction with your primary router. Consider that LTE router a continuous little pest that’s always checking in with your primary router. It probes that router constantly, always checking in to see if there are any errors or potential issues that could arise.

At the first sign of trouble, your LTE router will launch into action, switching coverage to its team.

That means, if an unlikely event occurs, it can pay off instrumentally to have an LTE backup service that kicks in automatically. Even if an outage does catch you off guard, you likely won’t deal with any repercussions—your LTE backup plan will have switched over from your primary router to your backup router in the blink of an eye, ensuring no gaps or lapses in your connectivity.

Four Things Your Small Business Needs to Know About Internet Backup Services

A few years ago, an internet outage wouldn’t have been an enormous issue, but in our digitally reliant world where almost every part of our business functions in conjunction with the internet, an outage—even a brief one—can be challenging.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 must-know reasons that LTE wireless backup services are an absolute must for any savvy small business.

Continuity for Customer Service

Take a moment to think about how you primarily communicate with your customers. While there’s probably some in-person chatting, it’s likely that the bulk of your back-and-forth is taken care of using a device that’s connected to the internet. Whether that’s your business-hosted voice services that work over the internet’s connection, your cloud-based customer service software, or simply your emails and chat functions that need an internet connection to function, the fact remains—the internet is crucial to your customer service.

As a small business, customer service is everything—being disconnected from your valued clients can be a challenge. Staying connected is a must for top-tier customer service. Without LTE backup, you could be putting your communication at risk to internet outages, which ultimately means you could potentially leave your customers without the attentive, rapid service they deserve.

Connectivity for All Your Devices

When you think of your internet going down, you likely think of the desktops, laptops, and mobile devices that are connected to your network. This is for good reason—all of those tools, when connected, are necessary for accomplishing your daily business tasks.

That being said, those aren’t the only tools or devices that you need to consider. In fact, it’s likely that there are dozens of other devices that depend on internet connectivity, like:

  • File sharing apps
  • VoIP communication systems
  • Printers
  • Video conferencing
  • Cloud computing systems
  • Accounting systems
  • Firewalls
  • VPNs
  • POS Transaction Apps


Without connectivity, these devices, software, and applications are rendered useless, which in reality, could leave you in a bigger pickle than you previously considered.

Stable Security to Keep Your Business Safe

Sometimes, when there’s a lapse in internet coverage, there’s a lapse in cloud-based security. That means if your internet connection is disrupted, your finely tuned security measures could be compromised. All it takes is a swift, calculated action from a savvy cybercriminal to do the unthinkable.

A top-notch failover system should be able to provide you with more than just a backup connection—it should also maintain your seamless security measures. That means even if a disruption does occur, you’ll never need to worry about your security system faltering or failing because of that disruption.

Proactive Prevention to Keep You Ahead

You’ve spent a lot of time considering go-to plans should something bad happen to your business. As a business owner, it’s crucial to consider these unlikely circumstances in order to be prepared. But here’s the thing—most of these protective measures kick in after something bad has happened. Wouldn’t it make more sense to invest in preventative protection that keeps a bad thing from happening?

In other words, if you could have a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach, isn’t that preferable?

With LTE failover, you can prevent issues from popping up, you can prevent security breaches, and you can prevent lapses in continuity. In our eyes, mitigating that type of risk is the ultimate proactive prevention plan.

Optimum Business: The Backup Partner Your Business Deserves

Traditional business internet can provide you with a myriad of solutions—but even with top-notch providers, cutting-edge service, and the fastest connection, there are still factors that are out of your (and your provider’s) control.

The good news? This doesn’t mean your company needs to be left at the mercy of the unlikely and the unexpected. Instead, you can invest in the peace of mind that promises reliable coverage, continuous connectivity, and savvy security measures that keep you online and in charge of your company’s future.

Ready to safeguard your business from unwelcome disruptions or gaps in coverage? We thought you might be. The Optimum Business team is proud to provide small to mid-sized business owners and managers just like you with the solutions needed to stay connected and in control.

We’re ready to help empower you! Take a peek at our LTE failover page or reach out directly to chat with one of our Optimum Business team members. We’re here for you whenever—and however—you need it.