What’s New to Watch on Your TV - June Update

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Holed up at home for the summer? At least you have TV. Optimum breaks down the best shows and movies available in June.

New TV

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story (USA - Released June 2)

If you caught the first season of this podcast-inspired true crime anthology series on Bravo, you may be scratching your head about the network switch. Basically, Dirty John is back, and it’s on the USA network. Season two revolves around an infamous late-80’s San Diego murder case, with Amanda Peet and Christian Slater starring in the roles of Betty and Dan Broderick.

I May Destroy You (HBO - Released June 7)

This new HBO offering follows London scenester Arabella as she and her support network navigate the aftermath of an assault. And it’s at least partially a comedy. With subject matter this heavy and pervasive, pulling that off with the necessary mixture of respectable aplomb is an impressive feat in its own right.

The Chi Season 3 (Showtime - Released June 21)

Emmy® winner Lena Waithe’s exploration of the South Side of Chicago returns, this time with Waithe herself (credits include Ready Player One and Master of None) appearing as a Mayoral candidate in a multi-episode arc. Big changes are afoot for the show’s regular cast of characters as well.

Search Party Season 3 (HBO - Released June 25)

Search Party has been hailed by critics as a formula-defying masterpiece, which is exactly what can happen when smart, talented comedic actors and writers pay deft homage to their favorite entertainment genres. This season, the four endearingly inept NYC hipsters will explore a legal/crime thriller full of plot twists and sinister action. Expect high scores on the binge-o-meter.

Fresh On-Demand Movie Titles

Ford v. Ferrari (Rated PG-13, on HBO - Released June 20)

Drivers, start your DVRs. When a movie sticks this closely to a winning formula, why not go along for the ride? Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in this true life tale of American engine-uity.

Doctor Sleep - Director’s Cut (Rated R, on HBO - Released June 27)

In terms of degree of difficulty, creating a horror movie sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s terrifying The Shining 40 years after the fact seems like the tallest order imaginable. Doctor Sleep pulls it off with more panache than you might expect. And for a project this steeped in homage, a Director’s Cut is actually a welcome avenue for the film aficionado to explore.

New Specials and Mini Series

Beecham House (PBS - Released June 14)

The new Masterpiece miniseries takes place in late-1800s New Delhi, and explores the early British Raj through the interpersonal experiences of a recently transplanted British soldier. The guidance of British filmmaker Gurinder Chadha keeps the viewpoints balanced in this six-part dramatic series.

Yvonne Orji: Momma, I Made It! (HBO - Released June 6)

The breakout co-star of HBO’s Insecure (worth a watch in its own right), Orji brings her signature blend of self-effacing bravado to the small stage in this stand-up special. Expect plenty of laughs along with an interesting exploration of her Nigerian-American upbringing.

Old Movies Resurfaced

McCabe and Mrs. Miller (Rated R, on HBO - Available June 1)

The 70’s were a wild time for movies, and this Robert Altman-directed take on the Western is certainly no exception. Warren Beatty and Julie Christie in the title roles team up to make a killing in a tiny old west mining town, but if you’re familiar with Altman’s work, you already know that plot will soon bleed out into atmospheric ad-libbed flourishes in a symphony of chaos.

Days of Heaven (Rated PG, on Showtime - Available June 1)

Terence Malick’s 1978 follow-up to Badlands has the distinction of being filmed almost entirely outdoors during “magic hour” - that time of dawn and dusk where low sunlight makes the whole world pop into perfect shades of orange and blue. So just about every frame looks incredible. The plot itself is ponderously paced, but with cinematography this incredible, you’re looking at a great soothing at-home matinee candidate for accidental napping.

Kid-Friendly Classics

The Iron Giant (Rated PG, on HBO - Available June 1)

What lonely small-town kid in the 50’s wouldn’t want a hundred foot tall robot from space as their best friend?

Goonies (Rated PG, on HBO - Available June 1)

This classic 80’s rag tag kids adventure story may have its share of cringe-inducing moments, but its overarching theme of sticking together in the face of change resonates more strongly than ever.

Of course these are all just the tip of the iceberg - there’s plenty of TV in June to keep you glued to the tube. So even if none of the above feels like your taste, there should be plenty of options to have you breaking out the popcorn.


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