The 2021 MLB Playoffs: Where & How to Watch

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The MLB playoffs are just around the corner. Some teams, like the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers, have already locked in their playoff berths. Others need to fight through the last few weeks of the season to clinch a spot.

Ten teams will be vying to take home the World Series title. There will be a lot of baseball to watch. Are you wondering how you can watch the 2021 MLB baseball playoffs? Worry not. Optimum has you covered. Read on for details.

When do the 2021 MLB Playoffs Start?

The MLB postseason schedule starts with the Wild Card games. The American League kicked things off on October 5th, with the National League Wild Card game following on October 6th. On October 7th the first of four Division Series begins. The four best-of-5 sets will last through October 14th, if the extra games are needed. Even if all four series end in 3 game sweeps, the semi-finals start with the American League Championship Series on October 15th. The NLCS follows on October 16th. Finally, the World Series begins on October 26th, ending on November 3rd if the series goes all seven games. The full Major League Baseball playoffs schedule looks like this:

2021 MLB Playoffs Schedule

Wild Card Schedule

  • Tues., Oct. 5 - AL Wild Card
  • Weds., Oct. 6 - NL Wild Card


League Division Series Schedule

  • Thurs., Oct. - 7 ALDS A Game 1, ALDS B Game 1
  • Fri., Oct. 8, - ALDS A Game 2, ALDS B Game 2, NLDS A Game 1, NLDS B Game 1
  • Sat., Oct. 9 - NLDS A Game 2, NLDS B Game 2
  • Sun., Oct. 10 - ALDS A Game 3, ALDS B Game 3
  • Mon., Oct. 11 - ALDS A Game 4 (if nec.), ALDS B Game 4 (if nec.), NLDS A Game 3, NLDS B Game 3
  • Tues., Oct. 12 - NLDS A Game 4 (if nec.), NLDS B Game 4 (if nec.)
  • Weds., Oct. 13 - ALDS A Game 5 (if nec.), ALDS B Game 5 (if nec.)
  • Thurs., Oct 14 - NLDS A Game 5 (if nec.), NLDS B Game 5 (if nec.)


League Championship Series Schedule

  • Fri., Oct. 15 - ALCS Game 1
  • Sat., Oct. 16 - ALCS Game 2, NLCS Game 1
  • Sun., Oct. 17 - NLCS Game 2
  • Mon., Oct. 18 - ALCS Game 3
  • Tues., Oct. 19 - ALCS Game 4, NLCS Game 3
  • Weds., Oct. 20 - ALCS Game 5 (if nec.), NLCS Game 4
  • Thurs., Oct. 21 - NLCS Game 5 (if nec.)
  • Fri., Oct. 22 - ALCS Game 6 (if nec.)
  • Sat., Oct. 23 - ALCS Game 7 (if nec.), NLCS Game 6 (if nec.)
  • Sun., Oct. 24 - NLCS Game 7 (if nec.)


World Series Schedule

  • Tues., Oct. 26 - Game 1
  • Weds., Oct. 27 - Game 2
  • Thurs., Oct. 29 - Game 3
  • Fri., Oct. 30 - Game 4
  • Sat., Oct. 31 - Game 5 (if nec.)
  • Mon., Nov. 2 - Game 6 (if nec.)
  • Tues., Nov. 3 - Game 7 (if nec.)


Where can I watch the 2021 MLB playoffs?

The easiest way to watch the MLB playoffs is on TV. The games are split between a number of different channels. The AL Wild Card is on ESPN, while the NL game is on TBS. For the Division Series, the two NLDS matchups are on TBS, with American League games on Fox Sports 1 or MLB Network. The Championship Series is similar: the NLCS is on TBS and the ALCS is on Fox or Fox Sports 1. Things get less confusing for the World Series, with all seven games broadcast on Fox. The World Series is the only part of the MLB playoffs that is on network television, so keep that in mind if you don’t have cable.

If you want to stream the 2021 MLB playoffs, your options are fairly limited. If you have cable, you may be able to log in and watch games via your provider or the network’s website or app. If you don’t have cable, you can use a live TV streaming service like YouTube TV. MLB’s streaming service does not show any of the playoffs: it’s TV (or streaming TV) or bust.


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