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Managed solutions for
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Partner with Optimum Communities to provide Managed WiFi with reliable high-speed, end-to-end connectivity. Fast WiFi access is a top priority for renters. Increase your occupancy rate with an Optimum Communities Managed WiFi solution.

  • Benefits:
  • 99.9% network reliability
  • Up to 8 Gig Internet speed
  • Expert team to install and manage service
  • 24/7 support

Elevate your property with 
Managed WiFi service

Your end-to-end
connectivity edge

Attracting and retaining the tenants you want is easy when you keep them connected to everything they want. Optimum Communities Managed WiFi service delivers reliable, high-speed Internet access and a must-have amenity to maintain lease/renewal rates and maximize your property’s potential.

  • WiFi-Ready Residences
  • Always-on connectivity means no need for install appointments in between unit turns
  • Property-Wide Coverage
  • Our seamless and ubiquitous network provides continuous access in unit and common areas inside and out

Your privacy and
peace of mind

Individual WiFi poses several challenges including service interruption and increased security risks. Optimum Community Managed WiFi provides enterprise-grade security features and context-aware access control to better protect against online threats.

  • Network Continuity Safeguards
  • Count on our National Smart Hands Field Support Network and Cellular Backup during times of power outages
  • Owner/Manager Privacy Access
  • Hidden Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) for property management IoT and maintenance team use

A premier property WiFi solution

Multi Family

Student Housing

Senior Housing

Owners Associations

RV and Mobile Home Parks

Increase occupancy rates with the WiFi renters want

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Let Optimum Communities Managed WiFi help increase your property value by providing a best-in-class connectivity experience.

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