Internet & WiFi

In-Home Network

Manage your in-home WiFi network, find, and change your WiFi network name, and more:


Connect a wireless device to WiFi:

  1. In your device settings, turn on WiFi
  2. Select your in-home WiFi network name from the
    list of available networks
  3. Enter your in-home WiFi password

Home Network Tips

Many factors influence your network's performance. To make sure your devices are getting the strongest WiFi signal for the fastest Internet connection, check out these tips:

WiFi Hotspots

Access over 1 million WiFi hotspots at no additional cost as part of your Internet service.

All you need is an Optimum ID and password, a WiFi enabled device, and be within an Optimum WiFi hotspot.


Relax knowing Optimum has you covered...

Our intelligent network has built-in security that warns you before visiting dangerous sites. All at no extra cost to you.

Protect up to 20 devices at home and on the go with Internet protection powered by McAfee®.

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