Hispanic Heritage
Essay Contest

Optimum and Univision invite middle and high school students to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Write an Essay
(500 words or less)

We all have a hero. Someone we look up to. Someone who inspires us. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Optimum and Univision are proud to celebrate Hispanic heroes. Whether it is a civil rights activist, pop culture icon, or someone you know personally, heroes bring us hope when we need it the most.

In 500 words or less, tell us about a Hispanic person, past or present, who you consider to be a hero and explain why.

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Eligibility Requirements
  • You must be a student in grades 6-12 who
    attends a school in the Optimum service footprint
  • You do not have to be Hispanic to apply
  • Your essay must be in English
  • All essay submissions must be received by
    11:59 pm EST on October 31, 2020

Win great prizes!

Grand Prize: $1,500 scholarship
3 finalists: iPad

Separate prizes for middle and high school categories
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