The McGuire Group Architects: Growing with Optimum Business

The McGuire Group Architects: Finding Their Niche in Healthcare Architecture

The McGuire Group Architects specializes in healthcare architecture to set itself apart from the competition.


While many architecture firms have healthcare divisions, The McGuire Group Architects take it one step further. In 2000, architects and spouses John and Kathi McGuire combined John's longtime experience in healthcare architecture with Kathi's design and operational prowess to start a firm dedicated exclusively to the healthcare sector. Focusing on this niche field paid off in spades — today, the firm's team has expanded to seventeen people and boasts hundreds of projects around the Long Island and New York metropolitan area.


Streamlining processes, thanks to Optimum


The McGuire Group Architects, based in Melville, New York, has relied on Optimum Business for its internet and phone needs from the start. In fact, although Optimum did not service their building when they first moved in, Kathi McGuire knew from her experience as a home customer that getting Optimum installed was top priority. "It's the reliability," she says. "Optimum's services are the key to the everyday business transactions we do here."


Being in the architecture industry means that staff members frequently send large files of plans to clients and engineers, making Optimum's high-speed internet with extensive bandwidth a necessity. And since they rely on email as their primary form of communication, the accessibility of Optimum Online — providing up to 15 different professional email addresses — is another key feature for communication with clients.


We couldn't work without reliable, high-speed internet and email, McGuire says. "Without Optimum's services, we're just a building with architects inside." This dependence even extends to the researching process, which McGuire says is now conducted almost entirely online. Optimum makes it easy to quickly download large files, meaning that "I don't have to have a library of books anymore, thanks to their reliability."


Growing together


As a customer of more than 16 years, McGuire has had the advantage of growing her business with Optimum's flexibility and support every step of the way. "They've allowed us to do what we needed to get where we are," she says. "Their offerings have flexed with us as we've grown."


But one thing that hasn't changed? "No matter what, I know they will continue to be able to meet our needs," McGuire says.

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