Simple Security Practices Keep Your Data Secure

Keeping the Trojans at Bay

Solid cyber security isn't as complicated as you think.


With Optimum Online, you get free access to McAfee internet security to help protect your business.


Worms. Phishing. Denial of Service.

Cyber security can seem overwhelming; there are constant reports in the news of massive data breaches perpetrated by cyber thieves using odd-sounding techniques. However, you don't need to move your business into Fort Knox to protect your data. Follow these five steps to keep a lot of the Trojans at bay:


  1.  Educate employees.

    Your employees are the first line of defense; educate them about best security practices. For example, people post lots of information online without realizing hackers use this to crack their passwords or pretend to be friends or colleagues to gather information or infiltrate their computer.

  2.  Control admin.

    Over 30 percent of small businesses1 give unlimited administrator access of their computer systems to all employees – putting them at risk from rogue workers, one of the biggest and most overlooked cyber threats.

  3.  Protect your passwords.

    Your mother's maiden name or first pet won't cut it. Strong passwords mix letters and numbers along with a healthy mix of symbols or "non-alphanumeric characters" (like ?!$%).

  4.  Build a wall.

    Optimum Online customers receive firewall protection — the foundation of a cyber security plan for up to 20 devices, including PC's, laptops, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

  5.  Fight software with software.

    Optimum Online customers also receive anti-virus and anti-phishing protection that identifies intruders and blocks them before they wreak havoc.



When you become an Optimum Online customer, you can protect your company from a wide range of cyber threats with free access to McAfee internet security giving you peace of mind.


To learn more about Optimum Online and McAfee internet security, call or chat today.


1"Essential Steps for Improving Your Small Business Security," June 16, 2016, Business News Daily

2"A Look at Small Business Security," May 2016, CSID

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